Financial Policies

On Campus Meals

The following document clarifies the Student Affairs practices for establishing expectations for requiring professional staff to eat meals on campus (1).   To facilitate staff meeting with students and other staff about student issues, Student Affairs will provide funding on an approved staff member’s SMU ID card (Pony $) to be used at Umphrey Lee periodically throughout the year under the following guidelines:

  • Executive Directors and RLSH professional staff (ADRL, Asst. Directors, Associate Directors), at the approval of the VPSA, are eligible for funds equivalent to one meal per week.
  • Other Student Affairs staff who work with students at least 50% of the time, at the approval of the VPSA, are eligible for funds equivalent to two meals per month.
  • A list of all staff for whom Pony $ will be requested under this policy will be submitted to the VPSA by the Friday prior to the first day of class each semester (2).  The final list will be submitted to Business Services by the Financial Officer upon approval by the VPSA.
  • The funds allocated for each staff member will be “grossed up” for taxes, and therefore contemporaneous business-related documentation will not be necessary.  However, each staff member will be expected to submit a short report at the end of the semester to the VPSA articulating the benefit of the Pony $ to the division and students.
  • The funds must be used solely for meeting directly with students or University staff around a student issue.  Any unauthorized use may result in disciplinary action.

(1)   – This policy does not apply to RCDs or other University staff who are required to live on campus. 

(2)   – The Fall 2012 deadline will be extended to September 7, 2012.

[Last Revision: 11/08/2011]