Financial Policies

Moving Expenses

In accordance with SMU Tax Policies and Procedures (5.8), the University provides payment or reimbursement of moving expenses to certain employees as approved by the President or Vice President of the University.  Student Affairs provides moving expense reimbursement to attract new staff members…

To be eligible for relocation assistance the following criteria must be met:

  • The new employee must be hired at the equivalent of Student Affairs Assistant Director or higher;
  • The new employee’s current residence must be at least 50 miles or more from Southern Methodist University;
  • Relocation must be completed within 6 months of hire.

Student Affairs Executive Directors are authorized to offer relocation expense reimbursements (paid directly to the employee or a third-party moving company) to new employees up to the maximum amounts listed below.    Some relocation expenses paid by SMU could be considered taxable income; any taxable relocation expenses will be reported on the employee’s W2.

  • Student Affairs Assistant Director, Student Affairs Associate Director, or equivalent: $1,500
  • Student Affairs Director or equivalent:  $3,000
  • Executive Director or equivalent: $5,000

Relocation expenses are the responsibility of each department.  It is recommended that the department fund relocation expenses for the respective position’s lapsed salary.