Financial Policies


Pursuant to University policy 13.2 (Membership fees and Dues), the following document clarifies the practices that Student Affairs staff are expected to follow, in addition to University policy, when considering membership fees and dues.  Failure to follow these practices may result in denial of membership fee reimbursement request or other action as appropriate:

  • Professional societies, institutes, and associations:  University policy does not permit payment of personal membership fees and dues to professional societies or other professional groups. Exceptions to this policy are made only when a faculty or staff member deems membership in such a group essential to the conduct of his/her office or the proper performance of his/her University responsibilities.  Student Affairs staff are expected to adhere to the following procedure:
    • To request reimbursement for a membership fee, approval must be granted prior to incurring the expense.
    • The staff member will follow his/her department’s procedure for membership approval.  Regardless of the department’s procedure, the membership request must be approved by the respective Executive Director (ED) prior to being submitted to the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs / Executive Director of Finance (AVPSA).
    • The ED will forward the membership request indicating his/her approval to the VPSA.  The AVPSA will consider the request and indicate approval/disapproval to the Executive Director.
    • Upon approval by the AVPSA, the membership fee can be charged by the staff member to the department’s budget.
[Last Revision: 11/08/2011]