Financial Policies

Extra Compensation

Pursuant to University policy 6.10 (Extra Compensation), the following document clarifies the practices that Student Affairs staff are expected to follow when considering payments for extra compensation. Failure to follow these practices may result in denial of the extra compensation request or other action as appropriate:

  1. Pre-approval required: Payment for extra compensation, regardless of the funding source, must be approved in advance by the employee’s supervisor, executive director, and the Vice President for Student Affairs.
    1. Whenever practical, the approval should take place at the beginning of the academic semester.
    2. The attached approval form (Extra Compensation for Student Affairs Staff Employees) must be submitted prior to engaging the additional services.
    3. The pre-approval must be attached the extra compensation payment request once the service has been performed.
  2. Extraordinary circumstances: Payments for additional services must only be made under extraordinary circumstances.
    1. A certification that the additional services cannot be performed by anyone else within a normal workload must be given.
    2. With the exception of (3) below , the additional services must be unrelated to the recipient’s existing job responsibilities.
    3. With the exception of (3) below, the additional services must occur outside of normal business hours. Leave must taken if the extra services occur during normal business hours.
  3. Extra compensation for employees who temporarily assume an increased workload beyond the ordinary scope of his/her existing responsibilities due to a staff resignation or other similar circumstance must be approved in advance by the Vice President for Student Affairs before the workload is assigned. These cases will typically be handled by PAFs rather than extra compensation payments.