About Fraternity & Sorority Life

Mission & Values


The Southern Methodist University Fraternity and Sorority Community is committed to a well-rounded fraternity & sorority experience grounded in shared goals and values, that fosters a lifelong connection.


Every members’ personal and professional potential is realized as a result of membership in the Southern Methodist University Fraternity and Sorority Community. 

Core Values

The Southern Methodist University Fraternity and Sorority Community is comprised of a collection of organizations, each guided by their respective mission. Within these organizations are individuals who come to college with families, peers, and society having influenced their values’ system. Additionally, our university has values that guide how it serves students. These separate values structures become united through our existence as the Southern Methodist University Fraternity and Sorority Community. As we seek to be the best community we can, we acknowledge that we have several values in common:

We believe in friendships – fostering relationships grounded in genuine care and concern for others. These friendships are at the core of who we are, what we do and what we contribute to the lives of our members.

We believe in community – creating a self-sustaining entity of people with shared aims and purposes. Through our connections in the Fraternity and Sorority Community, we also foster a connection and commitment to our institution.

We believe in inclusion – recognizing a shared responsibility to involve all in the common goals of the community. While we appreciate shared values, our collective diversity is one of our greatest attributes.

We believe in integrity – enacting our principles and doing what we say we will do. We search for integrity throughout our lives and our organizations are a forum in which to conduct this exploration.

We believe in learning – capturing knowledge to inform how we live our lives now and prepare to work within a global society. We learn through our classes, our membership in organizations and through interactions with others throughout the SMU Community.

We believe in personal development – learning about yourself, your role with others, and applying the lessons learned to become a better person. Through our individual and community educational initiatives, we develop leadership skills that help us be the best we can be today and into the future.

We believe in responsibility – being aware that your actions influence the greater good. As we demonstrate responsibility, we become more accountable to the high ideals we espouse and gain the credibility to which we aspire.

We believe in self-actualization – living up to your potential. Through membership in a fraternity or sorority, our members seize the opportunity to become the best person they can be and experience a well rounded and fulfilling college experience.

We believe in service – assisting the community around us through volunteerism and raising money. Through our commitment to service, we become engaged in local and national efforts to help others and improve the community.

We believe in tradition – recognizing that our heritage has shaped us and informs how we experience membership in a fraternity/sorority. We understand that others have come before us and others will come after and accept our role to nurture our organizations to ensure their future as a part of the SMU Community.

Outcomes of Membership

Fraternities and sororities provide the opportunity for personal and professional development. Within these organizations, members can work to become the best person they can be. Throughout the journey to self-actualization, members contribute to their organizations, the campus community and society. This process begins as undergraduates and continues as they become alumni and graduate members.

While we respect the ability for each person to shape the fraternity/sorority experience as they choose, there is hope that every member is aware of and chooses to participate in all that these organizations can provide. When such participation occurs, the following outcomes can be realized through membership:

  1. Members are aware of individual, organizational, community and campus values and how they are aligned with those of broad society: as a result, they understand who they are and how they contribute to our world.
  2. Members are able to demonstrate how they worked with others in a diverse campus community: as a result, they are better able to interact with others while in college and the global society.
  3. Members are able to convey how the experience in a fraternity/sorority positively impacted their intellectual development: as a result, they experience academic success in college and discover an appreciation of lifelong learning.
  4. Members have created personal and professional relationships to support their success during and after college: as a result, they develop meaningful connections to others in a demanding and sometimes disconnected world.
  5. Members have developed the necessary leadership skills to be contributing members of an increasingly global society: as a result, they see leadership as more than a position but rather a continued quest to help others accomplish shared goals that positively influence those around them.
  6. Members have become inclined to serve their communities and financially support charitable organizations: as a result, they continue to contribute time and money beyond undergraduate membership.
  7. Members have had exposure to and appreciate differences through interaction across organizations within the fraternity and sorority community as well as throughout the campus community; as a result, they have an increased appreciation of diversity.
  8. Members are able to make decisions that positively benefit their mental and physical health: as a result, they value healthy environments and encourage those around them to make positive decisions.
  9. Members become loyal and committed to the SMU campus: as a result, they demonstrate continued involvement and financial support of the university, academic departments, student life and/or the fraternity/sorority community.
  10. Members have had a collegiate experience that fosters a sense of continued responsibility post graduation: as a result, increased alumni participation is focused on the success of individuals, chapters and the collective fraternity and sorority community.