Hegi Family Career Development Center

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Campus Development Ambassadors

2013-2014 Ambassadors

Tara Roberson

Class of 2015

Hometown: Pasadena, CA

Major: Pre-Business 

Favorite Hegi Career Resource: Networking Opportunities and Career & Internship Events

Jenny Mitchell 

Class Year of 2015 

Hometown: Dallas, Texas 

Major: Pre-Business 

Favorite Hegi Resource: MustangTRAK

Emory Simpson

Class Year of 2015

Hometown: Malvern, PA 

Major: Pre-Business 

Favorite Hegi Career Resource: Online resources and one-on-one resume critique with Hegi Counselors

Jessica Winter

Class Year of 2017

Hometown: Highland Village, TX 

Major: Psychology/Pre-Law Track  

Favorite Hegi Career Resource: SMU Connection- The externship program!

David Nogalski

Class Year of 2017

Hometown: Saint Louis, MO

Major: Finance 

Favorite Hegi Career Resource: Surrounding myself with other great, ambitious people and being involved in one of the major links between SMU and the professional world. 

Allie Colbert 

Class of 2017 

Hometown: Plano, TX 

Majors: Marketing and Communications 

Favorite Hegi Resource: MustangTRAK

Thomas Schmedding

Class of 2017  

Hometown: Apex, NC

Majors: Finance/Human Rights  

Favorite thing about Hegi: I'm excited to help students find their passions and acquire jobs with some of the most recognized and respected companies in the world 

Carlyle Reid  

Class of 2017  

Hometown: Houston, TX

Major: Political Science  

Favorite Hegi Resource: MustangTRAK

Kelly Howey 

Class of 2017  

Hometown: Aliso Viejo, CA  

Major: Mechanical Engineering with a Biomedical Specialization   

Favorite Hegi Resource: Help with resumes and finding internships

Tessa Nemec

Class of 2017  

Hometown: Tulsa, OK   

Major: Management Science   

Favorite Hegi Resource: Career Fair

Anne Gilleland 

Class of 2017  

Hometown: Portland, OR

Majors: Accounting and Management Science  

Favorite Hegi Resource: Walk-in hours 

Abbey Norton 

Class of 2017 

Hometown: Columbus, OH 

Major: Economics 

Favorite Hegi Resource: Career and Internship Fairs

Justin Wolfe

Class of 2017 

Hometown: Austin, TX 

Majors:Finance and Management Science 

Favorite Hegi Resource: Meeting with Guy Davis about my choice of major and career!

Annalies Oertli

Class of 2017 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO  

Major: Undecided  

Favorite Hegi Resource: Speed Networking

Emmeline Whitcomb

Class of 2017  

Hometown: Fresno, CA  

Major: Marketing (Pre-Business)  

Favorite thing about Hegi: Drop-In hours, super efficient and helpful!

Morgan Lipinski

Class of 2017 

Hometown: Birmingham, MI 

Majors: Business and Law and Legal Reasoning  

Favorite Hegi Resource: MustangTrak

Patrick Engel

Class of 2017 

Hometown: Evanston, IL 

Major: Journalism 

Favorite Hegi Resource: All the career fairs!

Joanie Garlich 

Class of 2017  

Hometown: St. Louis, MO  

Major: Marketing with Minors in Communications and Spanish  

Favorite Hegi Resource: Career Fair

Spencer Forrest

Class of 2017 

Hometown: Oak Park, CA 

Majors: Business and Political Science  

Favorite Hegi Resource: I love how dedicated the career center is to helping the student body every way they can.

Gabrielle "Gaby" Appeddu

Class of 2017 

Hometown: Houston, TX 

Majors: Pre-Business (Finance) and Math 

Favorite part about Hegi: that it can help, and is ready to help, students and alumni who range from being completely set on a major, to a desire for a change in a career path, to completely clueless on what they would like to do with their lives. I appreciate how the Career Center can prepare and offer advice to students on obtaining careers and internships with its friendly and experience staff members available for drop-ins and ample events to meet them. The people that work there really make the difference and make the Hegi Career Center the place to be!

Gabrielle Faulkner

Class of 2017 

Hometown: Dallas, TX 

Major: Undecided 

Favorite thing about Hegi: I love the opportunities the Hegi Center affords to me as a student and CDAs.

Our Purpose:

A student based and operated group working in conjunction with the Hegi Family Career Development Center in order to promote and raise awareness to the Career Center, its necessity, and its multiple uses for all SMU students.  

Our Goal:

To have every SMU student know about the HFCDC, its purpose, its uses, and all of the great benefits that come along with starting your career track early.

Services We Offer:

  • Class & Student Organization presentations such as resume and cover letter writing, networking, and interview preparation

  • Career Center Tours and overview of Hegi services and events

About the Sponsor

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Contact Regina James, Assistant Director, 214-768-4220.