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Crain All-University Leadership Conference

Save the Date for 2015!

Friday, February 6 - Saturday, February 7, 2015

And check out the highlight reel from the 2014 Conference!

About the Conference

About the Conference

The Crain All-University Leadership Conference is SMU's premier leadership conference. Whether you feel the urge to advance and gain more confidence in your leadership skills, gain a deeper understanding of your already mature leadership skills, or serve as a better advisor to amazing leaders on SMU's campus, then you need to mark the Crain All-University Leadership Conference in your calendar.

On Friday, February 7 - Saturday, February 8, the Community Engagement & Leadership Center (CEL) and the Division of Student Affairs will bring you the Crain All-University Leadership Conference. Student leaders with all levels of experience, advisors, and SMU staff and faculty will gather to enhance their leadership skills.

The Crain All-University Leadership Conference is a cornerstone event for the whole SMU community, and SMU students, faculty, and alumni work together to make the conference a success. In addition, the Crain All-University Leadership Conference is the only SMU leadership conference that is open to every SMU student and every SMU student organization at absolutely no cost to students.

The spring 2014 conference theme is "Developing Your Leadership From the Inside Out." 

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Who Should Attend

The Crain All-University Leadership Conference is open to all current SMU students who are interested in enhancing their leadership.

First years through seniors! Beginning through advanced leaders! Everyone will find something to take back! If you want to gain actual reality based leadership skills, this conference is for you!

If you know that you need to improve your leadership skills because you just can't seem to motivate others, influence others to accomplish a task, have a difficult time working with certain individuals, or even have problems articulating like a confident person, you need to come to this conference!

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Benefits of Attendance

As part of this conference, participants will:

  • Receive two days of training in a variety of areas of leadership
  • Gain a real experience that can be listed on a resume
  • Improve or acquire organizational and leadership skills
  • Network with other student leaders and professionals
  • Share ideas and resources with fellow SMU students
  • Experience a motivational keynote speaker
You will leave motivated and loaded with skills and strategies to:
  • Be an effective leader
  • Promote diversity
  • Fight apathy
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Discuss areas for personal leadership and growth
  • Build excitement for leadership on campus
  • Provide a student experience with a University-wide scope

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    Featured Speakers - 2014 Conference

    Jennifer "JJ" Jones
    Executive Director, SMU Student Development and Programs

    Brittany Merrill Underwood
    Founder, Ugandan American Partnership Organization

    Jason K. Wallace
    Assistant Director, UNT Dallas New Student Programs

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    Conference Registration

    Registration Form
    Registration for the 2014 Crain All-University Leadership Conference is now closed.

    The Conference Registration Fee:
    This year's conference is offered at no cost to SMU students. All students must register for the conference by completing the registration form (link above.) There is, however, a no-show fee of $100 for students who register for the conference but fail to attend.

    Cancellations were to be emailed to by no later than Friday, January 31 at noon. If you failed to cancel by the deadline, you will be charged $100.

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    Due to inclement winter weather, this year's conference will take place on the SMU campus.



    The conference will start with interactive group activities, so active wear is preferable. On Saturday, the attire will be snappy casual. We recommend bringing one active wear outfit and one snappy casual outfit. There will also be nightly activities, which will be casual dress.

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    For Information or Questions
    Call or visit the Community Engagement & Leadership Center located in Hughes-Trigg Suite 200 or 214-768-4403.