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The Community Engagement & Leadership Center (CEL) provides resources to students, student organizations, faculty, and staff at SMU in order to engage in meaningful community service in the Dallas area.  We believe that service cultivates a consciousness of self, commitment to a common purpose and citizenship through guided experiences and reflection.

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SMU students, faculty, and staff are invited to use MustangTRAK, an online system for bringing volunteers and agencies together, in collaboration with the Hegi Family Career Development Center.

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User Guide
Step-by-step instructions for creating a profile and accessing volunteer opportunities.


  • General DisclaimerThe Community Engagement & Leadership Center and Southern Methodist University (hereafter referred to collectively as “the University”) provides access to a listing of community service opportunities and organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area as a resource for its students, faculty, and staff.  The inclusion of any organization or person in the database does not constitute a representation, warranty, or endorsement with respect to the competence, suitability, safety, or reliability of such organization or person by the University, nor does the University sponsor or endorse any third-party website listed.  Individuals or student organizations that wish to contact any such organization or person do so at their own risk and, in doing so, assume any and all risks of damage, loss, or injury resulting from contact with the organization or person.

  • Travel Disclaimer:  The Community Engagement & Leadership Center and Southern Methodist University do not provide transportation to community organizations.  Travel to and from the organizations for community service or other activities must be arranged on your own.  However you choose to travel to the organization, you do so entirely at your own risk.

Note: These disclaimers have been adapted with written permission from SOURCE (Student Outreach Resource Center)’s Community Council and Governing Board from Johns Hopkins University, Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health, Baltimore, MD.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

While we encourage all of our community agencies to post their volunteer opportunities in MustangTRAK, there are always more.  We would love to help connect you or your student organization to an experience that aligns well with your interests, area of study, and/or time commitment.

Individual Service Consultations

The Community Engagement & Leadership Center offers one-on-one sessions to help match you with the right service opportunity.  These sessions are designed for anyone looking to get involved in the Dallas community on a regular basis, volunteer one time, or to simply learn more about a social issue. 

You will meet individually with one of our staff members to discuss your interests, experiences, and goals, and to collaboratively explore opportunities that meet your needs.  To prepare for your session, you may want to think about the following:

  • What community need or social issue are you passionate about?
  • Is there a certain type of population you would like to work with?  (e.g. children, senior citizens, animals, etc.)
  • How much free time do you have available to do community service?  How much of a commitment are you willing to make?
  • Are there career skills or experience you would like to develop through your community work?

To schedule an appointment, please call 214-768-7304 or e-mail

Group Service Consultations

Our staff would also love to meet with your student organization, class, or group of friends to find a place to serve in the community.  We want to make sure that you are matched with a volunteer opportunity that is mutually beneficial to your group as well as the agency. 

Typically our office needs two weeks to schedule group service projects, so be sure to contact us early.  To prepare for your session, you may want to think about the following:

  • What community need or social issue is the group passionate about/related to?
  • How many people are in the group?
  • What time commitment is the group willing to make?
  • Is there a particular date you are looking for, or are you flexible?

To schedule an appointment, please call 214-768-7304 or e-mail


Post Your Volunteer Opportunities.

The Community Engagement and Leadership Center (CEL) at SMU serves as a bridge between the University and the Dallas community, nurturing partnerships marked by student learning, respect, and reciprocity. 

We offer MustangTRAK, an online system for bringing volunteers and agencies together (in collaboration with the Hegi Family Career Development Center), for you to post your volunteer opportunities you wish to offer to SMU students, student organizations, faculty and staff.  We invite you to view the Step-By-Step Instruction Guide to help you navigate through our online system.

Register & Access Your Agency

Click the link above to create your online account through secure registration forms.  This will enable you to recruit volunteers from SMU, as well as post your volunteer opportunities, internships, and jobs.

General DisclaimerThe SMU Community Engagement & Leadership Center cannot and does not guarantee that you will succeed in recruiting volunteers for your particular event or need.  We reserve the right to edit and remove postings as needed.


Go Beyond.  Become an SMU Community Partner.

Partnership Level with the Community Engagement & Leadership Center (CEL) is a deeper affiliation that involves a shared Partnership Agreement.  Community partners have an on-going relationship with SMU whereby they become “co-educators” with CEL to not only provide hands-on direct service opportunities, but engage students in social issue education.


The Community Engagement & Leadership Center is proud to work with the following "Community Partner" non-profit organizations:


Community Partner information coming soon!


For further information, contact Community Engagement & Leadership, at 214-768-4403 or at