Center on Research & Evaluation

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CORE provides a range of services related to the design and analysis of research in education and human development, and the evaluation of programs, policies, and practices to improve the health and well being of individuals and communities.

In terms of design, CORE can work closely with its partners and clients on all facets of designing research studies and evaluations. These services include formally specifying the questions the study or evaluation will answer, helping to specify precisely how the program or intervention is intended to work in order to produce the outcomes expected, and developing or selecting the proper instruments to measure implementation and outcomes. CORE also specializes in developing appropriate methodologies to answer research and evaluation questions, including sampling procedures and the selection of comparison groups for analysis. Regarding data management, CORE has expertise in data collection and training, data entry and cleaning, data security and storage, and preparing files for data analysis.

CORE has expertise in analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data. CORE's approach is to select analysis procedures that best answer the research or evaluation questions. CORE's expertise runs the gamut from conducting rigorous inferential analyses of the highest scientific merit using numerous commercially available and open source software programs, to conducting simple, meaningful descriptive analyses targeting implementation variables, or the responses of participant groups and individuals. CORE strives to make sure that the level of detail and complexity of its analyses and reports are aligned with the research or evaluation questions and the expectations of its partners and clients.


  • Grant/Contract Proposal Writing
  • Logic Model Development
  • Program Evaluation: Needs Assessment, Questionnaire/survey development and modification, Data collection, Database development, Data analysis
  • Research and Data collection design, Data analysis and interpretation
  • Research questionnaire/survey development and modification
  • Statistical design and power analysis

Data Collection/Instrument Design:

  • Create electronic versions of existing tools, forms, and assessments
  • Instrument Modification
  • Surveys - Complex or simple, qualitative or quantitative
  • Observation Tools
  • Design Data Collection Batteries
  • Questionnaires, Interview Design, Focus Group Design
  • Achievement Data Expertise - teacher, classroom, individual student, pre/post, benchmark, CPM
  • Attitude/Opinion/Socio-emotional Data
  • Employ content and policy area expertise

Data Collection Services (utilization of reliable and trained data collectors)
  • Coordinate and recruit focus groups
  • Data Collections logistics management
  • Distribute and collect survey information
  • Study/evaluate participant recruitment and coordinating

Data Processing & Analysis

  • High integrity data entry
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Database creation and management
  • Process evaluation and research data into clean databases for analysis
  • Research and evaluation data analysis


  • Methods and Procedures Reporting
  • Outcome Measures
  • Data Collection Tools
  • Program Evaluation
  • Literature Review