EAGLE Scholars

Vickery Meadow Info

Vickery Meadow is a community teaming with people representing a variety of cultures, ethnicities, homelands, and languages. Over 30,000 people call this 2.86 square mile area of northeast Dallas "home." 

In the early 1980's, 15,500 apartments and 2,300 condominiums were built for young professionals. With the Fair Housing Act and the economic downturn of the 1980's, Vickery Meadow's singles had matured and moved out of the community. Concurrent with the out-migration of prosperous residents, upscale businesses closed their doors and were replaced by liquor stores, video, and arcade-type businesses. Apartment rental rates in the area fell precipitously. In the late 1980's, the city passed an ordinance to ensure that children and families had access to all apartments. Now, those same dwellings consist of many families, including 7000 children. 

Children of these new tenants had no place to play as the area had no open spaces, playgrounds, or parks. Nor was there a single public school or library in the area to serve children. The once-fashionable Vickery Meadow Community had started to experience drug dealing, prostitution and other serious crime. Newcomer families in the area were fearful, not only for their own safety and well being, but also for that of their children. By the early 1990's, the area reflected signs of severe decline, deterioration, and neglect, in both its residential housing stock and in the quality of its business community. Area crime rates were among the highest in the city by 1993.

Currently there are government agencies, nonprofit agencies, faith communities, healthcare systems, schools, and businesses working collaboratively to develop systems that will return the community to a thriving place for families. The efforts have resulted in schools, a few play areas, grocery stores, and clinics.  Social service agencies provide English as a Second Language classes, after school programs, a food pantry, and a community garden.  Increasingly, residents and supporters of the neighborhood are becoming actively involved in creating a place where everyone will be proud to call it "home."

This 2.6 square mile area is home to 36,000 apartment dwellers of at least 20 different languages. The average income is $24,000 and average family size is 5.3 persons. The EAGLE Scholars program works primarily with Conrad High School and Tasby Middle School, but also has students who are attending magnet schools such as Townview and Skyline.