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Is Conflict Management Coaching right for you?

  • Are you experiencing a conflict with someone who is not able or does not want to mediate?
  • Is there a situation from the past that you replay in your mind wishing you had reacted differently?
  • Is there a difficult conversation you want to have, but are unsure how to handle it?
  • Are you preparing for mediation and need more clarity on your needs, goals and options?

Conflict Management Coaching is an empowering, one-on-one method of conflict exploration appropriate for situations described above. Coaching is a forward-looking process where the client identifies a goal for handling a specific conflict situation. The coach and client work together to pull apart the elements of the conflict from both perspectives, identify options and make an action plan based on the client’s goal. Coaching clients commonly experience “aha moments” as they gain insights into their struggle and those of others involved.  SMU volunteer coaches have at least 42 hours of training in the CINERGY® Conflict Management Coaching model in addition to graduate level work in Mediation and Dispute Resolution. The CINERGY® model is a seven-step process, and most clients work with their coach over three or more sessions arranged at a mutually beneficial time.

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Conflict Coaches

Chris Allen
Kristen Carlson
Langley Downs
Jeff Forbes
Wendy Mayfield
Victoria Perez
Bob Williamson
Alicia Yibirin