Mark Nausha

Mark Nausha has worked in a wide range of roles within the game industry, ranging from Producer to Studio Owner for more than 20 years . He began his career in the early 1990s at SEGA, where he worked as an Executive Producer and oversaw development of 14 different shipped titles. In 1995, Nausha joined Interplay Productions as director of the Action/Arcade Division. Mark served as a Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Point of View. He was instrumental in growing the company from its original six members to a staff of more than 75, shipping more than 20 titles. Mark served as Sony Online Entertainment’s Director of Development, where he oversaw live support and development of Everquest and Everquest II. Mark has managed teams of over 100 developers and founded two successful development studios. Mark has dual Bachelor of Science Degrees in Economics and Systems-Science from UCLA.  Mr. Nausha teaches Game Design for the TAG Program.