Talented & Gifted Program

Talented & Gifted Program

Talented & Gifted Program

July 5-24, 2015

SMU's Talented and Gifted program (TAG) offers intellectual challenges and exciting learning experiences to academically accelerated students completing the seventh, eighth, or ninth grade.

Course Work

Students participate in two courses chosen from a selection which includes both noncredit and college credit courses. Students with particularly strong academic profiles, including high SAT or ACT scores, are encouraged to take a college credit course as one of their two choices.

Course topics may include computer science, mathematics, political science, economics, geography, physics, paleontology, law, medical science, ethics, literature, writing, life science, psychology, art history, humanities, and performing arts.

Academic development is carefully balanced with a variety of cultural and recreational activities.

The Faculty

TAG teachers come from a variety of academic sources. Most are either on the faculty of SMU or on the faculties of outstanding public and private secondary schools. Some, however, are professionals (in fields other than education) who have valuable experience and knowledge to contribute to the TAG curricula.


All students live in an air-conditioned residence hall reserved for TAG students and staff. Students are housed two to a room with adjoining or hall bathrooms. Carefully selected Residential Assistants (RAs) live in the residence hall to provided academic and nonacademic guidance and supervision.


TAG applicants must have completed grade 7, 8, or 9. Candidates must submit the TAG application with an academic transcript of the last grade completed, two recommendations, an SAT or ACT score, and personal essay(s). TOEFL scores are required for foreign students. 2014 cost is $3875. This includes tuition, room and board (including linen service), books, and most supplies. Limited numbers of scholarships are awarded on the basis of need. Need-based scholarship awards for early applications will be reviewed in late March. Need-based scholarship applications for late applicants will be reviewed in late April.


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