The Writer's Path at SMU

Creative Writing


Summer Registration Opens in May!

But TAOS summer camp (for adults) registration is open HERE

Run away from the heat and humidity this JULY and join us in TAOS! 

Write all day! Eat organically and locally with your writing allies and instructors! Wear a sweater because temperatures dip into the 50s at night! Hike the winding trails of the Carson National Forest that are right outside your door! Walk and ride a bike everywhere! Take exclusive-to-Taos classes! Live like a full-time writer for a week.

SMU-in-Taos is SMU's New Mexico campus. Lodging is dorm style casitas, meals are family style in the cafeteria and everything is open to the great outdoors! Come see for yourself why they call this the Land of Enchantment! Especially for writers : )


Want to hear what we're about? Click here to listen to authors/instructors, Kay Honeyman, Daniel J. Hale and program director J. Suzanne Frank, on KERA's Think, talk about The Writer's Path at SMU.

You want to write. We teach you how.

Join us at The Writer's Path at SMU. We're a home for adults who are following the desire and fulfilling the dream of writing a book. Fiction or non-fiction, short story or personal essay, we are the place to learn craft, find allies and embrace the practice of writing. Our classes are non-credit, adult education, held once a week for four to six weeks, in the evening, on the main Dallas SMU campus. Classes must be taken in order, one at a time, because they build on each other.

 Start your writing journey on the Path.