ExcELs Grant

Center for Child and Community Development

Educating through Research


The Center for Child and Community Development is dedicated to the cognitive, affective/social, and cultural development of children in ethnically diverse communities.  With both a national and international reach, the Center serves this mission through the provision of research-related educational programs and services to schools, families, and community organizations.

The principles underlying all Center activities come from research that indicates that children's growth is affected in large part by their family environments and the formal and informal organizations and institutions of which they are part.  Consequently, in the design of every program, service, and research project, the Center thoughtfully considers the role of  the respective community in shaping the children, the role of the ecological setting in which the children participate, and the resources available to the children and community.  To the extent possible, all activities are designed to assist "student performance at each student's zone of proximal development."