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The School Zone Progress Report on 2020 Goals
Academic Year 2013-14

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Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Cohort Summary
Study facilitated in partnership with CORE
Academic Year 2013-14
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The seven-year longitudinal study, facilitated by The Budd Center and CORE, is measuring TSZ’s impact on student academic success by following a cohort of 500 students from kindergarten through the first year of middle school.

The Future of Education
Community, Nonprofit and School Data for The School Zone
Academic Year 2012-13
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This report tells the story of partnership in The School Zone. It examines the poverty West Dallas students face and its impact on their lives. It details carefully targeted interventions designed to connect schools and students with community resources that address specific needs. It lays out an achievable growth plan for every school and identifies gaps in community resources.


Graphic Recording: Parental Involvement that Matters, From Birth to Third Grade
Panel Discussion & Presentation by Keith Robinson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, UT Austin

Annual Education Breakfast, hosted by The Budd Center, CitySquare & Momentous Institute
May 20, 2014
Designed by: Mary Stall

Mapping Low-Income African American Parents’ Roles in Their Children’s Education in a Changing Political Economy
Teachers College Record Volume 115, 100306
October 2013
Written by: Stuart Greene, University of Notre Dame

West Dallas Community Collaborative Narrative
Report on Schools, Jobs and Housing

June 2011
Written by: Dallas Faith Communities Coalition