Advanced Placement Summer Institute

AP* Summer Institute Testimonials

“Excellent use of my time—very worthwhile.” -2012 Participant

“SMU is always one of the best run institutes in this region; the staff is always helpful and the director is awesome! Always a great week.” -2012 Consultant

“Quality summer institute. Very satisfied.” -2012 Participant

“Food/Lunch/Break: Set-up was very good in timing and selection along with amount and quality.” -2012 Participant

“I enjoyed being here tremendously! Excellent facility and organized to the hilt. I couldn’t ask for more.” -2012 Consultant

“Loved how the Towne[place] Suites was one mile up the street with shuttle service!” -2012 Participant

“Great session with a knowledgeable and friendly presenter. Facility and food were very nice. I would recommend the experience to others.” -2012 Participant

“I felt as if the organization of the institute caused us to be in the best teaching environment possible. Staff was excellent.” -2012 Consultant

“Excellent! Life-changing seminar.” -2012 Participant

“The SMU event coordinator did an excellent job of making sure all needs were met.” -2012 Participant

"Very nice and comfortable setting." -2012 Participant

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