Graduate Degree Programs

Master of Education

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree at Southern Methodist University is designed to meet the needs of practicing teachers.  

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Teachers in the degree program have the opportunity to earn certificates including the Master Reading Teacher, Bilingual, Gifted/Talented, Master Math Teacher, ESLSpecial Education, and Master STEM Teacher. The education core courses refine pedagogical skills and expand knowledge of education in its psychological, social, and cultural context.

Program Structure

The M.Ed. has three modules of study--a specialization module, a core module, and an elective module. Modules consist of 12 or 14 credit hours.  The specialization module focuses on courses that "specialize" in one of the following areas: reading (MRT), math (MMT), bilingual education (Bilingual), English as a Second Language (ESL), gifted education, or special education.  The core module comprises courses in the areas of research, diversity, psychology and differentiated instruction.  The elective module allows each student to choose courses that best fit their interests/needs.

Course Rotation

Admissions Requirements

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