Master of Bilingual Education

Master of Bilingual Education

ESL Plan

Core Courses

 EDU 6322
Educational and Behavior Psychology
 EDU 6304
Interpreting Educational Research
 EDU 6315
Diverse Learners
 EDU 6305
Differentiated Instruction

*EDU 6322 and EDU 6304 must be taken in the first two semesters of this master's degree.

Bilingual Education

 EDU 6312
Applied Linguistics
 EDU 6321
 EDU 6339
Bilingual Content Instruction
 EDU 6319
Foundations of Bilingual Education
 EDU 6317
Culture and Community in Education


 EDU 6320
Language Teaching Research, Theory, and Practice
 EDU 6390
Classroom Instruction & Assessment for Language Learners


 3 hours

 For a list of elective courses, contact your M.B.E. adviser.