The Department of Teaching & Learning

In Memoriam

julie BoreAs a colleague in the Department of Teaching and Learning, Julia inspired so many of her colleagues and students. Her warmth and kindness were simply infectious, and her teaching was masterful. She was a gift to her students and invited them to share her vision, love of teaching, and commitment to issues of social justice. Julia was not only an inspirational teacher, but she was also an insightful author who published widely as she shared her love of teaching and working with children with special needs. Our professional and personal lives have been enriched by knowing her. We are all mourning her loss.

Professional Background

Julia Bore, Ph.D., earned her doctorate from the University of North Texas, in Denton, in special education with a focus in behavior disorders and a minor in rehabilitation counseling. She held master's degrees in special education and education leadership. Prior to joining SMU in 2010, she taught special education graduate and undergraduate courses at Texas A&M University –Commerce and at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin in Odessa. At SMU, she taught in the undergraduate and graduate Teacher Education and in the Master Math Teacher Programs.

Dr. Bore taught math in both special and general education at the high school level and worked with preschool children with and without disabilities. In addition, she was involved with training adults with disabilities. It was her passion to work with children who are diverse by virtue of ability/disability, SES, and language. Her research interests centered on examination of factors that contribute toward student achievement in both special and general education, such as teacher preparation in math and special education, diversity issues in schools, leadership, identification and assessment in special education, among others.

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