Urban School Specialization

Urban School Specialization

Are you a highly motivated individual who wants to lead an URBAN school?

Are you committed to increasing social equity through public education?

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The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership with Urban School Specialization is provided by SMU’s Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education as part of a larger 5 year development track known as the Aspiring Ed-Leaders Program. As part of this program, students will engage in a robust in-school residency that focuses on leadership in action and is offered through a unique partnership between SMU and Teaching Trust, a nonprofit organization devoted to leadership development in urban schools. Program participants will graduate with a Master’s in Educational Leadership with Urban School Specialization from SMU at the end of two years.

  • Extended Coaching and development through Teaching Trust
  • An emphasis on action learning, rather than lectures
  • Second year residency on an urban school campus
  • Mentoring program supported by successful school principals
  • SMU Cox Business school faculty
  • Sharing of the latest effective practices in urban schools
  • Courses taught by experienced urban school leaders and Simmons and Cox Business School professors.
  • Significant scholarship availability to ensure affordability
  • Development of skills that span across various industries
  • Leadership development from nationally recognized faculty

  • Dallas ISD
  • Uplift Education
  • Irving ISD
  • DeSoto ISD
  • Lancaster ISD
  • Grand Prairie ISD
  • Garland ISD

This degree program is designed for working professionals and can be completed in two years. Students take courses in a sequence that begins with a 4-week intensive session during the first summer of enrollment. During the fall and spring academic terms, students meet each week for 3 1/2 hour classes on Saturdays and select weeknights.

The second year is a campus-based residency where candidates will be paired with a mentor principal. Candidates will gain experience and apply their skills in an urban setting, while receiving support, coaching, and feedback that will prepare candidates for principalship.

The entire program cost is $10,000 based on scholarships granted through SMU. Further information is available at the Office of Financial Aid at SMU. FAFSA deadline is February 1, 2015 for Summer 1 enrollment. Teaching Trust provides approximately 80% of the cost of the 5-year program, including the selection process, national consultants and residence/coaching costs.   

Faculty is drawn from professors in the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development and the Cox School of Business. Visiting professors and guest lecturers will also contribute to the offerings of the program.

Email us today at leadnow@teachingtrust.org.