Study Abroad Program

Study Abroad Program

Choose one of our incredible Summer Study Abroad options - - or take both!


The class:  International Conflict Engagement: Prevention,  Engagement and Peacebuilding
Dates: June 21 - 27th, 2015

Student's Cost: $2600 Room and Board plus airfare and tuition

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Croatia  Dubrovnik  


The class:  Protracted Identity-Based Conflict: Ties that Bind and Divide
Dates: June 28 - July 5th, 2015

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Student's Cost: $2400 Room and Board plus airfare and tuition
Spouse or 'tag-along': $1140 Room and Board

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SMU reserves the right to change, at any time and without prior notice, any provision or requirement, including but not limited to, itineraries, fees, and cancellation/refund policies.

If the health or safety of participants becomes an issue, SMU reserves the right to recall or close an international program. SMU is not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur when participants travel outside of scheduled program activities. In addition, independent participant travel before the start or after the conclusion of the scheduled class is entirely at the individual's own expense and risk.