Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Program Manager:  Kay Barclay
Phone: 972-473-3435

Hal Barkley. Department Chair
Betty Gilmore, Director, Dispute Resolution Program
Thomas L. Hartsell, Assoc. Director of Clinical Services; Senior Lecturer
Robert Barner, Assoc. Director of Executive Education
John Potter, Clinical Assistant Professor
Angela Mitakidis, Clinical Assistant Professor, Mediation Clinic Manager
Jessica Lunce, Coordinator II

Adjunct Instructors:

Harry Anderson
, Instructor
DeLila Bergan, Instructor
Eddie Burns, Instructor
Caryn Carson, Instructor
Ken Cloke, Instructor
Joey Cope, Instructor
Larry Dressler, Instructor
Stephanie Frogge, Instructor
Joan Goldsmith, Instructor
Alma Jadallah, Instructor
Steve Joiner, Instructor
Jeff Jury, Instructor
Lisa Hancock, Instructor
Kim Kovach, Instructor
Judy Mares-Dixon, Instructor
Nina Meierding, Instructor
Belinda Newman, Instructor
Doug Noll, Instructor
Don Philbin, Instructor
Pattie Porter, Instructor
Dan Rainey, Instructor 
Larry Schooler, Instructor

Other Resources

Listed below are some websites that you may find useful.

Center for Mediation and Arbitration Services at SMU in Plano

The Center for Family Counseling at SMU in Plano

Excellent information on range of positions in Mediation field.

Information on local mediators

The National Association for Community Mediation