Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar 2014-2015

Monday, July 14 - Friday, July 25, 2013

Wednesday, July 30

Fall Term Registration Period

Tuition Payment Due Date

Monday, August 4

First day of instruction

Friday, August 8


Friday, August 15

Last day to add/drop regular class without grade record or billing

Deadline to apply for December Masters Graduation

Monday, September 1

University Holiday (Labor Day)

Monday, September 15

Last day to Withdraw from the University

JAN Term 2014-2015    OCTOBER 20, 2014 through JANUARY 9, 2015

Monday, Sept. 29 - Friday, Oct. 10

Thursday, October 16

JAN Term Registration Period

Tuition Payment Due Date

Monday, October 20

First day of instruction

Friday, October 24

Last day to add/drop regular class without grade record or billing

Thursday - Friday, Nov. 27 - 28

University Holiday (Thanksgiving)

Monday, December 8

Saturday, December 20

Last day to Withdraw from the University

December Graduation

Wed - Thurs. Dec. 24 - Jan. 1

University Holiday

SPRING Term 2015    JANUARY 20 through MARCH 27, 2015

Monday Jan. 5 - Friday Jan. 16

Friday, January 16

Spring Term Registration Period

Tuition Payment Due Date

Monday, January 19

University Holiday (MLK)

Tuesday January 20

First day of instruction

Friday, January 23

Friday, January 23

Last day to Add/Drop a class without grade record or billing

Last day to apply for May Masters Graduation

Monday, March 9

Last day to Withdraw from the University

MAY Term 2015    APRIL 6 through JUNE 12, 2015

Mon., Mar. 16 - Friday, March 27

Thursday, April 2

May Term Registration Period

Tuition Payment Due Date

Monday, April 6

First day of instruction

Friday, April 10

Last day to Add/Drop without grade record or billing

Friday, May 16

May Graduation

Monday, May 25

University Holiday (Memorial Day)

Friday, May 30

Monday, June 8

Last day to Withdraw from the University

Last day to file for August Masters Graduation

SUMMER Term 2015     JUNE 15 through JULY 17, 2015

Monday, June 1 - Friday, June 12

Wednesday, June 10

Summer Term Registration Period

Tuition Payment Due Date

Monday, June 15

First day of instruction

Friday, June 19

Last day to Add/Drop without grade record or billing

Friday, July 3

University Holiday (Independence Day)

Monday, July 6

Last day to Withdraw from the University


 University Policies and Procedures

The Dispute Resolution (DR) Program is open to persons holding a bachelor's or higher professional degree from an accredited university or college. An applicant to the Certificate program must submit a completed admissions application and an official academic transcript from the institution which awarded his/her bachelor's degree. Masters applicants must meet additional requirements.  A student must receive official acceptance into the program before being enrolled in any classes.


Registration dates, class schedule, tuition, and procedures for the forthcoming term are emailed to DR students five times a year in December, March, May, July and October. Student services such as admission, adds, class drops and swaps are handled by the DR office. Payments can be made on-line with MASTERCARD, American Express or Discover with a service fee of 2.75%, or via debit from a checking or savings account with no service fee.

University Financial Policies

A DR student who is financially indebted to the University will not be awarded a certificate, diploma or transcript until all financial obligations have been met.  Penalty fees are assessed for dishonored checks ($30) and late payment ($150).  Tuition charges are listed in the registration materials and due at the time of registration in the form of a check (payable to SMU), eCheck or MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card payment.  Application fees are nonrefundable; tuition refunds for Add/Drops and Withdrawals are described below.

General Class Attendance Policy

Attendance is crucial and class participation will be factored into a student's final grade.  Whenever possible, instructors should be given 24 hour notice of any absence.  Please note the religious holiday provision detailed in the SMU Dispute Resolution Student Handbook.  Students missing two regular classes may face a 1/2 grade reduction, missing three or more regular class periods without instructor approval will result in a failing grade or incomplete based on circumstances.  Missing 5 hours or more of a weekend class may require the student to take an Incomplete if eligible.

Academic Probation

Graduate students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00.  If in any semester a student falls below this GPA, the student will be placed on probation for one term.  If iat the end of the probationary term the cumulative GPA is not up to 3.00, the student will be removed from the program.

Add/Drop Policy

 A student who drops a course within the Add/Drop period (refer to the DR Calendar for dates) will not be charged tuition for the dropped course. A student who drops a course after the scheduled dates, but remains registered for at least one other course will not received a tuition refund for the dropped course. NOTE:  Seminars have separate policies regarding drop and refund: Drops for seminars must be received no later than two weeks prior to the start date of the class to receive a refund.

Withdrawal Policy

Students who wish to withdraw from all their courses must notify the Dispute Resolution office at 972-473-3435. Nonattendance or notifying the instructor does not constitute an official withdrawal. The following is a representative schedule of tuition refund policies for withdrawals:

On or prior to Payment Due Date       100%
1st day through 5th day                       90%
6th through 10th day of term               50%
11th through 15th day of term             25%
16th through 20th day of term             10%
After 20th day of term                          0%

Academic Regulations

Graduate study in the DR Program is governed by the academic regulations established for graduate programs in the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development.

Scholastic and Academic Records

A student's permanent record includes all SMU courses attempted and grades assigned. Official transcripts are issued by the Office of the Registrar. Unofficial transcripts, grades, class schedules and account holds may be checked online by the student at ACCESS.SMU through In order to use ACCESS SMU it is necessary to have an ID number and a password. Once accepted into the program, students will receive email and password information. For password questions/problems, call 214 768-HELP.

Prospective Graduates

Students must notify the Dispute Resolution office of intent to graduate during the term before completion of program requirements. An Application to Graduate (ACG) form must be filed by the dates stipulated in the Academic Calendar.   Academic records will be reviewed at this time to verify that program requirements have been met. All "Incompletes" must be resolved (with completed records) before graduation is permitted.  No student may have grades of Incomplete in more than two classes on their transcript at any given point.

Weather Policy

It is the general policy of the University not to cancel classes except in extreme cases. Please check TV and ration stations for closings. If in doubt, call SMU Info (214) 768-4436. A notice will also be posted on the SMU web site.

Additional Information

For further information concerning Dispute Resolution program, policies and regulations, call (972) 473-3435 or e-mail us.

****Failure to read this bulletin does not excuse students from information or regulations contained therein. The University reserves the right to make changes in this bulletin at anytime.

Southern Methodist University will not discriminate in any employment practice, education program, or educational activity on the basis of race, color, religion, nationality, sex, age, disability, or veteran status. SMU's commitment to equal opportunity includes nondiscrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.****