Center for Family Counseling

Counseling Services

Family Services

The Center's family counseling services are appropriate for families, couples, step and/or blended families, parent/child, sibling issues, and other relationship concerns as well. Instead of working on issues individually, families work together to become healthier and happier as a unit.  Couples counseling can involve general relationship issues, pre-marital, or marital counseling.  Families with young children will be involved in family play therapy, whereby counseling is modified to the youngest family member’s development so that every member can fully participate in the counseling process.

Individual Counseling

The Center provides personal, social, and career-related counseling on a one-on-one basis for individuals 18 years of age and older. Geriatric counseling is available.

Appointments are necessary for all sessions, assessments, and evaluations, and can be made by calling 972-473-3456.

Adolescent Counseling

Adolescent counseling includes talk and activity based counseling and expressive arts for ages 13-17 to assist with behavior, social, school, peer, and life transition difficulties. Activity therapy entails providing various activities for individuals to engage in for the purposes of facilitating the expression and working through of issues.  Activity Therapy is also used for pre-adolescent children ages 9-12.

Parents/caregivers are involved in the process through parent/caregiver consultations.  Parent/caregiver consultations are used to inform caregivers of general themes or concerns that arise in the teen’s/child’s therapy sessions. Parent/caregiver consultations also provide valuable information to the counselor about how the teen/child is behaving at home and at school, as well as how the caregiver typically responds to the teen’s/child’s needs. Additionally, a parent/caregiver consultation is a time when concerns can be discussed with the counselor about the teen’/child’s mental health well-being. This also provides the counselor an opportunity to assist parents/caregivers in learning new skills and techniques to help their teen/child.

Play Therapy for Children

Play Therapy is used for children two years and older. Research supports the use of play therapy with children in this age range as an effective and developmentally appropriate therapeutic approach. Play therapy is utilized to provide children with concrete means of expressing and communicating experiences, thoughts, feelings, and concerns.  Play is a child’s language, as words can be too abstract for young children to use to process difficult situations (Landreth, 2002). Through the play therapy approach, a consistent, safe, and autonomous environment is established for children to facilitate problem solving, a greater self-concept, development of responsibility, an increase in self-control, and the expression feelings.

Group Counseling

The Center's Group Counseling services include parent education groups (e.g., Filial Therapy, Positive Discipline), teen groups, activity groups (i.e., for children between the ages of 9-12), and play therapy groups (i.e., for children ages 3-8) for varied concerns and topics.

When groups are scheduled, they will be listed here with dates and times.

Group Filial Therapy (Parenting) for parents of children ages 3-8 will being May 5th at 6:30 p.m.  

Support Groups

The Center also provides general support groups open to the public free of charge. When support groups are scheduled, they will be listed here with dates and times.


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