Sport Management Concentration Curriculum

Sport Management Concentration Curriculum

Sport Management Concentration

Due to the explosion of interest in sport as a business, curricula to prepare management professionals are growing in number and prevalence. Further, as the business of sport becomes more complex, the preparation of professionals has become increasingly sophisticated, relying heavily on successful business theories and principles.

The academic discipline of sport management relies heavily on valid research and practices from organization and information management systems, including: budgeting, accounting, managing events, managing personnel and facilities, controlling, directing, evaluating, leading, writing, selling, working with media, developing publications, keeping game notes and statistics, interviewing, promoting, advertising, and fundraising.

Sport Management Concentration Courses
39 Credit Hours

Course Code

Course Title

Credit Hours

APSM 2310

Contemporary Issues in Sport Management


APSM 3311

Exercise Physiology *


APSM 3322

Biomechanics *


APSM 3332

Legal and Ethical Aspects of Fitness and Sport *


APSM 3340

Applied Management Skills in Sports and Fitness *


APSM 3372

Advanced Public Relations *


APSM 4345

Sport Marketing *


APSM 4371

Revenue in Sports *


APSM 4372

Sports Facility & Event Management *


APSM 5371

Sport Management Practicum * (Jr Standing)
Recommended to precede APSM 4345, APSM 3372, APSM 4371, APSM 4372


APSM 5672

Sport Management Internship * (Pre-Req APSM 5371; Req: Sr. Standing)


APSM 5300

Senior Project * 
(STAT 2301 OR 2331)


* Pre-Req of APSM 2310

Free Electives - by faculty invitation only (1-3 credit hours)

- APSM 5160, 5260, 5360 Teaching Practicum 
- APSM 5261, 5361 Research Practicum 

Honor Code Violations:

If an Applied Physiology and Sport Management major commits an honor code violation while enrolled in any of our APSM courses, he/she could be expelled from the program and not allowed to continue and complete this major.