AP&E Concentration Curriculum

AP&E Concentration Curriculum

Applied Physiology & Enterprise Concentration

The Applied Physiology & Enterprise concentration will ensure that students are professionally prepared to compete in today's growing wellness industries. The gateway course required to be considered for the major in APSM with a Applied Physiology & Enterprise Concentration is APSM 2441, Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 with Lab.

The course offerings within this concentration focus on holistic fitness and health outcomes and are formulated and presented around the central theme of evidence-based practice. This strategy endows students with the analytic skills necessary to evaluate and properly incorporate research results into professional practice. The Applied Physiology and Enterprise concentration provides students with the solid research foundation that is necessary for leaders, educators and practitioners in the prevention of chronic diseases that plague our society and cripple our health care budget.

Applied Physiology & Enterprise Concentration Courses
  44 Credit Hours

Course Code

Course Title

Credit Hours

APSM 2441

Human Anatomy & Physiology 1 with Laboratory (Intro course for AP&E)


APSM 2442

Human Anatomy & Physiology 2 with Laboratory *


APSM 3332

Legal and Ethical Aspects of Fitness and Sport *


APSM 3340

Applied Management Skills in Sports and Fitness *


APSM 3351



APSM 3411

Exercise Physiology with Laboratory **


APSM 3422

Biomechanics with Laboratory **


APSM 4349

Healthcare: Policy to Practice


APSM 4412

Advanced Exercise Physiology with Laboratory ***


APSM 5351

Fitness and Health Enterprise (Jr. Standing)


APSM 5610

Applied Physiology & Enterprise Internship (Sr. Standing)


APSM 5300

Senior Project (Sr. Standing)
Pre-Reqs: STAT 2301 OR 2331


*     Pre-Req of APSM 2441
**   Pre-Reqs of APSM 2441 and 2442
*** Pre-Reqs of APSM 3411

Free Electives - by faculty invitation only (1-3 credit hours)

- APSM 5160, 5260, 5360 Teaching Practicum 
- APSM 5261, 5361 Research Practicum

Recommended Courses:

-BIOL 1303 Essentials of Biology or BIOL 1401 Introductory Biology
-BIOL 3306 Physiology (Pre-Reqs BIOL 3304 and 3350)
-PHYS 1307 General Physics I or PHYS 1313 Fundamentals of Physics
-PHYS 1407 General Physics (Pre-Req MATH 1337 Calculus) 
-PSYC 3360 Health Psychology

Honor Code Violations:

If an Applied Physiology and Sport Management major commits an honor code violation while enrolled in any of our APSM courses, he/she could be expelled from the program and not allowed to continue and complete this major.