Young Leaders in Education

Young Leaders in Education

The Young Leaders in Education (YLE) is an education, service and advocacy organization through SMU’s Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development. The mission is to facilitate opportunities for leaders of any age to improve the Dallas educational community by using their time and talent. The YLE supports the “Budd Center: Involving Communities in Education,” which focuses its efforts on the West Dallas community.

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YLE Board of Directors 2014-2015

Jayda Batchelder  
Andy Canales
Genevieve Collins
Sarah Davenport
Luke Harvey 
Trey Hoobler
Tierney Kaufman
Kamica King
Chequan Lewis
Nicci Lyons
Gunnar Rawlings
Scott Smith
Miguel Solis
Cynthia Weber Schmidt
Michelle Williams

 YLE Spring Awards Ceremony 2014

YLE Upcoming Events

 May 18: YLE Fireside Chat, 6:00 p.m., Samuel Lynn Galleries, 1105 Dragon Street, Dallas, Texas

YLE Projects

The YLE Long-Term Project is connecting and harboring collaboration between organizations and people in the West Dallas community with a focus on projects such as the future urban garden with University at Texas Arlington and ball fields at the Bataan Community Center. 
YLE Volunteer Project: Each year, the YLE will pick a hands-on project for the year that will also allow YLE supports to participate. This year the project is a project with the organization Voices of Hope in West Dallas and witbrand new initiative called "Saturday School." Once a month, VOH will put on a Saturday program at George Washington Carver Learning Center, Amelia Earhart Learning Center and C.F. Carr Elementary School with volunteers and staff. From 9am-1pm (with lunch), volunteers will help with academic enrichment and mentoring. There will be 3-4 Saturdays throughout the year for our YLE participation.