Department of Dispute Resolution & Counseling

Don Clardy

Adjunct Instructor

Ph.D., University of Arkansas
5228 Tennyson Pkwy, Ste 234
Plano, 75024

Dr. Clardy received his doctorate in education from the University of Arkansas and is currently a tenured professor at Baker University in Kansas.  Don also holds an MBA, an Ed.S. and a Master of Arts in Education.  He served as Executive Vice President and Dean at Baker for many years and served as interim president in 1995.  As an Associate Professor, he was voted "Outstanding College Faculty Member" by the student body.

In addition to his work in the classroom, Dr. Clardy has consulted with such corporations as Hallmark Card, Inc. and Sprint/United Telecom.  Presentations to conferences include "Integrating Assessment Center Technology into the Ivory Towers" to the International Congress on Assessment Center Methods in London, England in 1997.  Publications include Statistics: The First Course which is a competency-based statistics text that is currently in Third Edition and adopted by more than 20 institutions.