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The Housing Process

Housing Selection

Incoming First Year Students Housing Assignments

Starting in the Fall of 2014 (Class of 2018), all incoming first year students will be evenly distributed amongst all 11 Residential Commons. Students will be able to request a specific (mutual) roommate or may request a roommate from their academic or program interest group such as:

  • Matriculating School (Cox, Dedman, Lyle, Meadows, Simmons)
  • Scholar Program (Presidential, Hunt, University Honors, Hilltop New Century)
  • Athletic Team (Intercollegiate)

Second Year Housing

Beginning with the Class of 2017, incoming first-year students will be required to live on-campus during their first two years at SMU. A sophomore student may also fulfill the second year requirement by one of the following Upperclass housing options:

  • Apartment style residential communities, including Moore Hall and Daniel House 
  • Smith and Perkins Residence Halls (2014-15 only)
  • SMU Service House
  • Certified Fraternity or Sorority House*

Housing for Juniors & Seniors

As space allows, Juniors and Seniors may sign up to return to their Residential Commons, or may sign up for other University housing.


SMU believes that Fraternity and Sorority membership is complementary to the Residential Commons model and is integral in the residential experience. Therefore, students may fulfill the second-year live-on requirement by living in a university-owned residence hall/apartment, or in an on-campus fraternity or sorority house. SMU wants to ensure that those students who choose to live in a fraternity or sorority house to fulfill the second-year live on requirement are living in housing that:  meets SMU’s risk management requirements, is conducive to supporting students’ academic success, aligns with SMU’s conduct standards, and has an on-campus living experience that aligns with the goals of the Residential Commons.

More information regarding the certification process will be posted in late November.


"I'm with my peers all the time, and that creates this shared experience of what it means to be a Mustang."

Elliott Bouillion ’16