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Faculty Engagement

Faculty Engagement Programs

Faculty will have opportunities to be involved in the RC program through the Faculty in Residence (FiR) and Faculty Affiliate (FA) programs. Recruitment has begun!

Faculty in Residence (FIR)

The FiR program strives to create opportunities for students to know faculty members outside of the classroom to emphasize a culture of mentorship, intellectual discourse, and community that are cultivated in all aspects of the collegiate experience inside and outside of the classroom. The FiR role is a cornerstone of the residential life experience that will create opportunities for students to informally interact with faculty members living amongst them.


  • Full-Time Faculty Status or Equivalent in the view of the Selection Committee
  • Approval from Department Chair & Dean

View full role description (PDF format)

Fall 2016 Opening

The Provost and Vice President for Student Affairs anticipate seeking candidates for the Loyd Commons and MHPS (Mary Hay, Peyton, and Shuttles) Commons FiR positions. The successful candidates will begin a three-year appointment in the Fall 2016 semester. Interested faculty members should submit the following to Dean Martin Camp c/o Eleanor Luna at SMU PO Box 750215:

  • A thoughtful letter of interest, which should explore topics like why you want to be a FiR, your aspirations for the campus community, an indication of how you see yourself best contributing, any life experiences that would enrich the community, or other related topics.
  • Letter of recommendation from your departmental chair
  • Curriculum vitae or resume
  • Statement of support 

If you have more questions, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions or reach out to one of our current Faculty in Residence.

Applications are due on Friday, December 11.

Residential Commons Events

Faculty-in-Residence Candidates are welcome to attend any of the programs listed below:

South Quad Winter Wonderland*
Tuesday, December 1 from 5:00-10:00pm
South Quad

Tuesday, December 1 @ 8:00pm
Loyd Commons

Café Armstrong
Wednesday, December 2 @ 8:00pm
Armstrong Quad

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives of Dallas #3
Thursday, December 3 @ 5:00pm
First Floor Loyd
Contact to RSVP

Sunday, December 6 @ 11:00am
1st Floor Boaz Lounge

Loyd Banquet
Sunday, December 6
Contact to RSVP

Birthday Party*
Monday, December 7 @ 8:00pm
1st Floor Boaz Lounge

Loyd Slumber Party
Monday, December 7 @ 8:00pm
Loyd Commons (each floor lounge)

Pancake Study Break*
Tuesday, December 8 @ 8:00pm
1st Floor Boaz Lounge

Southeast Quad Late Night Breakfast*
Tuesday, December 8 @ 10:00pm

MoMac & Cheese*
Tuesday, December 8 from 8:00-10:00pm
Morrison-McGinnis Lobby

“Take Back VS” Party and Dinner
Tuesday, December 8

Cookies, Cocoa, and Calligraphy
Wednesday, December 9 from 7:30-9:30pm
Armstrong Lobby or Classroom

Painting with a Twist
Wednesday, December 9 @ 8:00pm
Loyd First Floor Lounge

Sunday Night Snacks
Virginia-Snider FiR Apartment


FiRs will be expected to:

  • Serve as the intellectual leader of their residential commons and work together with the Residential Community Director (RCD) in cultivating and engaging community
  • Build individual relationships with residents by interacting with them regularly
  • Create opportunities to get to know all students informally and create an academic environment supported by the residential staff
  • Be visible in the community by attending programs and events hosted by the residential commons and university
  • Communicate often with Residential Community Director and Assistant Director of Academic Initiatives and Outreach
  • Live primarily in the Residential Commons during the academic year
  • Eat with students on campus through dining experiences (Family are encouraged to attend as well to involve all members of the community)
  • Abide by all contractual obligations

Specific responsibilities (unless granted through exception): 

  • Facilitating a Common Reading discussion group
  • Welcoming parents and students during move-in days
  • Welcoming parents and students during move-in days
  • Attend First Year Convocation and Second Year Ceremonies as part of the procession
  • Create an end of the year report based on how their experience was and what was accomplished

View full job description (PDF download)

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