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Public Service Summer Fellows

General Guidelines

Applicants are responsible for locating a qualified placement site and securing an agency's agreement to participate. A helpful way to begin thinking about your fellowship is to consider a volunteer project that interests you. Once you have decided on the kind of work you would like to do, contact an appropriate agency to see if they would sponsor your project. Identify a specific person at the agency to be responsible for supervising your work during the fellowship. This supervisor must write a letter of agreement to be submitted along with your application and a letter of completion at the conclusion of your internship.

If you're having trouble finding a qualified placement or if you have an idea, but aren't sure how to make it into a summer project, give us a call at 214-768-4255 or email us. The Maguire Ethics Center is happy to work with you to find an agency or a project that matches your interests.  

The committee selects the fellows based on the following criteria:

  • Application [pdf]
  • Bio Information and Fellowship Proposal Document.
    • Brief biography (one to two pages) with your proposal
      • Include relevant personal, academic and work background on yourself 
    • Fellowship Proposal should be one to two pages. Please provide as much detail as possible on the work for which you would like to be sponsored this summer, including:
      • An overview of your summer project
      • How your proposed service project or research is related to ethics, or what ethical or public service issues you’ll be dealing with while working
      • Where you want to work (name and location of agency and physical location of your internship)
      • What you would be doing/what is the need to be addressed
      • Why you are seeking this stipend 
  • Letter from Your Sponsoring Agency (just one page)
    • The letter should be from the person who would be your supervisor for the summer service project/internship
    • The letter should state that the supervisor has spoken to you about the project and what you will be doing at their organization
    • The letter should confirm that you will be able to work 200 hours over the summer under his/her supervision
    • Should you anticipate that you will not be able to obtain a letter from your sponsoring agency and supervisor by the deadline, please notify the Maguire Ethics Center before the application deadline
  • Letter from a Faculty Reference
    • The letter should be from the faculty reference whose name you listed on the application form

Answers to Frequently Asked Question

  • For those chosen as fellows, the salary is $10.00 an hour for undergraduate students, and $12.00 an hour for graduate students, for a total of 200 hours for the entire summer.
  • The hours are worked during the summer on a schedule mutually agreed to by you and the sponsoring agency. The work must be done between June and August.
  • Weekly status reports will be required during your fellowship.
  • Students must be returning to SMU in the fall.
  • Recipients will be paid in two equal installments: early June and early September.
  • The public service or research can be done outside of Dallas.
  • The fellowship should be a new project. The fellowship is not meant to further compensate students for work for which they are already receiving payment.
  • Fellows may work another job while doing the fellowship, as long as it does not  interfere with their ability to work the designated hours for the fellowship.
  • If your project is to take place in another country, your passport must not expire between now and six months after your return to the U.S.
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