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Completed Projects

Completed Projects, now published in the Engaged Learning Collection


Aden Abiye, Life Skills, 2013
Claire Coogan,Diagnosis and prevention of metabolic diseases in Drosophila melanogaster, 2013
Jean Paul Destarac, The Origins of the Euro Debt Crisis,2013
Brittany Dickey, Greenwash Gold 2012: Mobilizing a Grassroots Movement, 2012
Roza Essaw,Recovery and Reconstruction: An Assessment of Rwanda Since the Genocide, 2013
Laura Israel,Life Satisfaction in Gifted College Students, 2013
Andrew Lin, Anatomical description and phylogenetic analysis of Miocene beaked whale from the East African Rift Valley, Kenya, 2013
Kathleen Masterson, Petrified Wood Survey of Land Adjacent to Petrified Forest National Park, AZ, 2013
Austin McBride, ACCEPTED: How Pre-Law Programs Influence Law School Admittance, 2013
Michael McCarthy, A Spinal Cord Injury Home Care Program Evaluation System: Implementation and Outcomes, 2012
Kimberly Mendoza, Health, Science, Tradition and the Maya, 2013
Pascual Pellegrino,Undocumented Students: Understanding the Socio-Economic Struggles Encountered in the United States, 2013
Sean Potter, Transient Measurement Error in a Diverse Population, 2013
Jacqueline Ross, Multiracial College Students and Institutions of Higher Education, 2013
Menalco Solis, Immigration Reform: Understanding the Debate, 2013
Rachel Stonecipher, "Taking the Work Seriously" in a Humanitarian Crisis: The Communicability of Experience in Arizona Desert Aid Work, 2013
Michael Tran, Asian Carp Could Help Us Solve Hunger Problem, 2013
Katie Ye, "To be Seen and Not Heard:" How Female Gender Stereotypes Influence Upward Communication in Educational Institutions, 2013

Civic Engagement

Juan Castillo, Painting in the Park, 2013
Jordan Fields, Integrated Communications Plan for the SMU Spanish Club, 2013
Katherine Jones, Environmental Restoration in Amazon, Ecuador, 2013
Colby Kruger, What is Beauty?, 2012
Pamela Nickell, “Business Spanish Certification Program and the Concept of Test Validity”, 2013
Marissa Ocampo, La Isla Foundation: An Investigation of the Epidemic of CKD Epidemic Among Sugar Cane Workers in the La Isla and Candelaria Communities, 2012
Lindsay Sockwell, Music, Dance, and the Zambian Orphan, 2012
Miller Walker, Using Second Language Learning to Improve Self-Esteem among K-12 Homeless School Children of Dallas, Texas, 2013


Morgan Beckwith, Investigations into the Contemporary Dance Company, 2013

Creative Work

Afomia Hailemeskel, Project: Girl, 2013
Janielle Kastner, Project: Girl, 2013
Miranda Parham, The Chick Industry, 2013
Dylan Smith, Home and Again, 2013