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Completed Projects

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Aden Abiye, Life Skills, 2013
Joshua Abramovitch, Development of a Silicon PIN Diode X-Ray Detector, 2014
Yazen Abusad, Computational Study of the Nitric Oxide Autoxidation Mechanism Using Quantum Chemistry Methods, 2014
Goke Akinniranye, The Dual Impact of Stereotype Threat and Solo Status on the Intellectual Performance of African-Americans, 2014
Mariam Alaka, Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs towards HIV/AIDS among orphans in Lagos, Nigeria, 2014
Eric Alt, designing a compound to remove heavy metals from polluted environments, 2014
Michelle Anderson, Indigenous Land Rights in Costa Rica: The Gendered Experience, 2015
Paige Bluejacket, Lost in Incarceration: An Ethnographic Study of Three Women Discovering their Path through Structural violence and the United States Justice System, 2015
Lauryn Bodden, Bite Me: Food as Culture in Dallas and London, 2014
Daniel Brock, An Ethical Look at Hydraulic Fracturing, 2014
Kevin Bruemmer, The Detection of Peroxynitrite Using 19F Magnetic Resonance Probes, 2014
Claire Coogan,Diagnosis and prevention of metabolic diseases in Drosophila melanogaster, 2013
Jean Paul Destarac, The Origins of the Euro Debt Crisis,2013
Brittany Dickey, Greenwash Gold 2012: Mobilizing a Grassroots Movement, 2012
Roza Essaw,Recovery and Reconstruction: An Assessment of Rwanda Since the Genocide, 2013
Michael Graves, contributing a chapter to Dr. Dixon's book, In Between Sundays - Strategic Communication in the Church, 2014
Mehdi Hami, Le Mieux? French Healthcare's Toll on Nutritional Decisions, 2015
Derek Hawkes, American Orchestras and their Utilization of Mobile Technology for Increasing Revenue, 2014
Jeffrey He, researching the cultural effects of the Western fast food industry on China, 2014
Preston Hutcherson, A Higher Education: Value and Practice, 2015
Kirsten Johansson, Reducing Plastic Marine Debris through Policy: A Comparison of Melbourne and San Francisco, 2014
Laura Israel,Life Satisfaction in Gifted College Students, 2013
Andrew Lin, Anatomical description and phylogenetic analysis of Miocene beaked whale from the East African Rift Valley, Kenya, 2013
Emily Mankowski, From ‘Boat People’ to Refugees: Analyzing the Plight of Asylum Seekers in Australia and the Country’s Violations of International Law, 2014
Kathleen Masterson, Petrified Wood Survey of Land Adjacent to Petrified Forest National Park, AZ, 2013
Austin McBride, ACCEPTED: How Pre-Law Programs Influence Law School Admittance, 2013
Michael McCarthy, A Spinal Cord Injury Home Care Program Evaluation System: Implementation and Outcomes, 2012
Kimberly Mendoza, Health, Science, Tradition and the Maya, 2013
Ricky Mouser, Charting Undergraduate Research: A Review of the URA Program, 2014
Irisa Ona, Fluidity of Filipino American Identity, 2015
Gabriella Padget, China Grows Organic, 2015
Pascual Pellegrino,Undocumented Students: Understanding the Socio-Economic Struggles Encountered in the United States, 2013
Sean Potter, Transient Measurement Error in a Diverse Population, 2013
Basma Raza, Doing Diversity Well on College Campuses and Beyond, 2014
Xinqi Mike Ren, The Allure and Impact of Fast Food in China, 2014
Ashley Diane Romo, A Case Study, Medical Practice in Rural Panama, 2015
Jacqueline Ross, Multiracial College Students and Institutions of Higher Education, 2013
Menalco Solis, Immigration Reform: Understanding the Debate, 2013
Rebecca Swarm, Success by the Plateful: Rates of Successful Vocational Training in Adjudicated Youth, 2014
Christianne Teague, William Hodges in the South Pacific, 2015
Michael Tran, Asian Carp Could Help Us Solve Hunger Problem, 2013
Jaison Thomas, A Tale of Two Cities: Health Literacy Between Two Western Healthcare Models, 2014
Hayley Wagner, “Une Nouvelle Vie”: Health Care and Identity of Congolese Immigrants in Texas, 2014
Katie Ye, "To be Seen and Not Heard:" How Female Gender Stereotypes Influence Upward Communication in Educational Institutions, 2013

Civic Engagement

Juan Castillo, Painting in the Park, 2013
Delanah Colbert, Feeding Practices in Cusco, Peru, 2014
Parminder Deo, The Residential Commons: Oxford at SMU, 2014
Jordan Fields, Integrated Communications Plan for the SMU Spanish Club, 2013
Tyler Friske, Perspectives on Global Health, 2015
Zachary Friske, helping to create a SMU Cardiovascular Incident Prevention/Response Program, 2014
Taylor Henry, working on a system  to provide drinking water to an Ugandan community that relies on solar energy, 2014
Elle Janice Holbrook, Passive Water Distillation: Water QualityAnalysis, 2014
Ghazala Janmohamed, Bringing the Past to the Public, 2014
Katherine Jones, Environmental Restoration in Amazon, Ecuador, 2013
Kelly Kiser, Mustang EMS: Community emergency Medical Education, 2015
Colby Kruger, What is Beauty?, 2012
Alaina Leggette, Volunteerism at North Dallas Shared Ministries Free Dental Clinic, 2015
Pamela Nickell, “Business Spanish Certification Program and the Concept of Test Validity”, 2013
Sarah Elizabeth Montonchaikul, Conserving Pithoi, Past and Present: The Mugello Valley Archaeological Project, 2014
Marissa Ocampo, La Isla Foundation: An Investigation of the Epidemic of CKD Epidemic Among Sugar Cane Workers in the La Isla and Candelaria Communities, 2012
Lisa Raizes, Unity Pilot Project, 2015
Lindsay Sockwell, Music, Dance, and the Zambian Orphan, 2012
Courtney Thrower, Recipe for Life - Health Awareness, 2015
Ashley Wali, Nari: An Introspective on Domestic Violence, 2015
Miller Walker, Using Second Language Learning to Improve Self-Esteem among K-12 Homeless School Children of Dallas, Texas, 2013
Macartney Welborn, Synthesis of Hydrogenated Thiol-Silanes for Selective Reactions, 2014


Morgan Beckwith, Investigations into the Contemporary Dance Company, 2013
Binh Doan, interning at Deloitte Consulting, 2014
Jaywin Malhi, Congress and Interest Groups: A Study on Influence in Public Policy Formation, 2014
Meredith Tavallaee, Recent National Treasure Acquired by the Louvre, 2014

Creative Work

Justin Berman, Spellbound, 2014
Richard Braxton, QuakeMap, 2014
Claire Carson, Lifted, 2014
Tyrone Davis, Bali Arts Day, 2014
Kathleen Gaskins, Becoming Vandals, 2015
Thomas Gelo, London Through the Lens of Avant Garde Film, 2014
Afomia Hailemeskel, Project: Girl, 2013
Yusra Jabeen, Understanding Homelessness, 2014
Janielle Kastner, Project: Girl, 2013
Kristen Kelso, Hidden: A Solo Performance, 2014
Geenah Krisht, Legacy : Producing a Feature film, 2015
Ryan-Patrick McLaughlin, Performance Gender: London, 2015
Lauren Mishoe, Mother’s Song: A Solo Performance, 2014
Miranda Parham, The Chick Industry, 2013
Dylan Smith, Home and Again, 2013
Alexandria Stinger, Tomorrow’s Song, 2014
Rachel Wilson, Wall Street Dallas, 2014