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Engaged Learning Project

The Engaged Learning project gives students the opportunity to generate knowledge, serve a community, try out a dream job, create something the world has never known. Students engage in projects developed on their own or offered by SMU campus programs or our community partner organizations.


The student-driven Engaged Learning project is: with:
  • project outcomes
  • personal learning goals
impacting a:

anywhere in the world and funded up to $2000.

The project spans two years, typically junior and senior, and has four phases:

SMU reviews approved project proposals to determine if the project requires IRB, IACUC or IBC oversight.

The project counts towards University Curriculum community engagementoral communicationinformation literacy and writing requirements and can be petitioned for more.


NOV 15  Application cycle opens 
DEC 15 Early decision proposal deadline
JAN 15  Early decision projects announced 
JAN 31 Early decision confirmation letters due
FEB 15 Regular decision proposal deadline
MAR 4  Regular decision projects announced 
APR 1  Regular decision confirmation letters due
AUG 15
SEP 15
Senior application cycle opens
Senior project proposal deadline
SEP 30  Senior projects announced 
OCT 7  Senior projects confirmation letters due 



Midpoint Update Meetings
Midpoint Update Meetings   

FEB for MAY graduates 


for DEC graduates  

Final Product
APR 15 for MAY graduates
NOV 15  for DEC graduates 

Application Cycles

Early Decision: Nov 15 - Dec 15
Regular Decision: Nov 15 - Feb 15
Senior Projects: Aug 15 - Sep 15


How to play it safe

Institutional Review Board (IRB):
- Learn about IRB
- IRB training dates

How to work with your mentor

How to use library research resources

How to write an Engaged Learning project proposal

How to manage your project

How to present your project

How to develop your final product

How to leverage your Engaged Learning experience

View Project Ideas From Community Partners 
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