Getting Started Teaching at SMU

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Welcome to SMU!

Basic Information for New Faculty Members

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How do I get my SMU ID and campus parking permit? Both are available at the SMU Parking and ID office.

Where can I find a map of the SMU campus?  Here.

Is there any faculty housing available on campus?  Contact Real Estate Management & Leasing.

How do I learn when things are scheduled on SMU’s Academic calendar?  The Registrar posts the calendar here. Some schools operate on a different schedule, so be sure to consult your department's academic administrative assistant as well.

How do I get copies made?  Consult your departments’ academic administrative assistant.

How do I get a key to my office?  Ask your department’s academic administrative assistant.  Keys are issued by the Building Access Office, but some departments handle that process for new faculty members.

How do I get a telephone long-distance access code?  Contact the OIT help desk by calling 214-768-4357 or consult your department’s academic administrative assistant.

How do I set up my phone and access my voice mail? Consult your department’s academic administrative assistant.

How do I order books for my class?  Books are ordered through the SMU Bookstore.  Check with your department chair to see how your department processes requests.

Does SMU have an on-campus daycare center? Yes, although spaces are limited. Information is available here.

Is there somewhere on campus I can get some exercise? Yes.  The Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports is a wonderful facility, and the Wellpower program for faculty and staff provides free fitness classes.

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