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Basic Information for New Faculty Members

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How do I get my SMU ID and campus parking permit? Both are available at the SMU Parking and ID office.

Where can I find a map of the SMU campus?  Here.

Is there any faculty housing available on campus?  Contact Real Estate Management & Leasing.

How do I learn when things are scheduled on SMU’s Academic calendar?  The Registrar posts the calendar here. Some schools operate on a different schedule, so be sure to consult your department's academic administrative assistant as well.

How do I get copies made?  Consult your departments’ academic administrative assistant.

How do I get a key to my office?  Ask your department’s academic administrative assistant.  Keys are issued by the Building Access Office, but some departments handle that process for new faculty members.

How do I get a telephone long-distance access code?  Contact the OIT help desk by calling 214-768-4357 or consult your department’s academic administrative assistant.

How do I set up my phone and access my voice mail? Consult your department’s academic administrative assistant.

How do I order books for my class?  Books are ordered through the SMU Bookstore.  Check with your department chair to see how your department processes requests.

Does SMU have an on-campus daycare center? Yes, although spaces are limited. Information is available here.

Is there somewhere on campus I can get some exercise? Yes.  The Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports is a wonderful facility, and the Wellpower program for faculty and staff provides free fitness classes.

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Teaching & Grading

How do I find out the names and email addresses of the students registered for my classes? Log in to Access.SMU, click on My Schedule, and click on the little icon of people. That will pull up your class schedule, room assignment, and class roster (including names, email addresses, and more).

How can I get advance access to my classrooms, and training in using available teaching technology there? Consult your department’s academic administrative assistant. Academic Technology Services will also help with training, and this page will give you classroom-specific information about available technology.

How can I learn more about Blackboard, SMU’s course management system?  SMU’s Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) provides this Blackboard help page and online learning center. Access your Blackboard courses here. You may also request hands-on training in using Blackboard.

How can I contact my Liaison Librarian about e-materials, research guides for my class, or help in designing research assignments?  The Central University Libraries website contains information about Liaison Librarians.  Faculty at schools with their own libraries should contact their library directors for information.

How can I learn more about using technology in my teaching?  Training and technical support is available through Academic Technology Services.  CTE’s website offers resources about teaching with technology.

How do I submit grades for the students in my courses?  Grades are processed through Access.SMU.  Consult your department’s academic administrative assistant to see how grade submission is handled.

What resources does SMU provide for students having difficulty with my course?  Students needing academic support should be referred to the Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center.  And CTE’s Our Students page includes a list of resources to help your students.

Should I alert someone when a student’s mid-term grades are below a C?  Yes.  Faculty members are requested to provide early intervention and mid-term grades for certain at-risk students. See these guidelines.

How can I find out more about opportunities to incorporate service learning into my courses?  See these Resources for Faculty.

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Laws & Policies

How can I learn more about the privacy laws for student records?  The SMU Registrar’s website explains the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

How should I handle providing appropriate accommodations to students with disabilities?  Consult the office of Disability Accommodations and Success Strategies.

Where do I get copies of important school and department policies?  University policies related to teaching are here. Check with your department chair for school and departmental policies.

How should faculty members should deal with student academic dishonesty?  The undergraduate Honor Code is here. Faculty options for handling complaints are described here, with links to appropriate forms.

What is the University Curriculum? And what do I need to do if I am teaching a course that's part of it? University Curriculum is SMU's name for its collection of general education requirements starting in the fall of 2012.  For more information about assessment and reporting requirement for UC (and other) courses, consult the website of SMU's Office of Assessment and Accreditation.

Is there any other information that needs to be included in my Syllabus? Yes.  The Provost's office sends a reminder regarding these Syllabus components every semester, and you can access it here.

Are there policies about grading standards?  Check with your mentor or department chair to see if your department has any rules or practices, especially if you teach a multi-section course.

What is SMU's sexual harassment policy? You'll learn more about it when you take this required online tutorial.  The official university policy on Sexual Harassment & Consensual Relationships is here.

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