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Center for Teaching Excellence

Evaluating Student Work

Assessment Generally

Glossary of Assessment Terms (learn the lingo, courtesy of American Public University System)

Assessing Students' Prior Knowledge (advice from Carnegie Mellon on using using baseline knowledge to learn when you need to correct misunderstanding and so you can evaluate what they've learned in the course)

Assessing Student Learning (overview and methods, also from Carnegie Mellon)

Choosing Assessment Tools to Match Desired Outcomes (this resource contains a helpful chart keyed to Bloom's taxonomy)

Classroom Assessment Techniques (ideas from Vanderbilt: find out during class if they're getting it)

Using Minute Papers in a Large Class (examples from a large Intro Psych class)

Teaching Students Self-Assessment (Ultimately, we want the students to learn to become aware of their own learning.  Ideas from the writing center at Texas A&M)


Rubrics (discussion and examples from Penn State)

Quality Rubrics Wiki (a wealth of ideas, tips, and examples from LCI, Learner-Centered Initiatives)

iRubric Free Rubric Builder (templates, grading, and more)

The Rubric Library (free downloadable examples from Waypoint Outcomes)

VALUE: Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (Rubrics for fourteen of the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Essential Learning Outcomes, including Intellectual and Practical Skills, Personal and Social Responsibility, and Integrative Learning)


Final Exams (and links to the book, Tools for Teaching, from Berkeley)

Constructing Objective Tests (principles and examples from Cornell.  And yes, some involve math).

Writing Exams (BYU's teaching center discusses various types of exams)

Grading Student Work (thorough advice from Vanderbilt)

Writing Multiple Choice Questions That Require Comprehension (and are hard to guess)

Writing Multiple Choice Questions That Require Critical Thinking

14 Rules for Writing Multiple Choice Questions (also from BYU)

Construct Better Multiple Choice Tests (University of Letheridge (Canada))

Improving Multiple Choice Questions (UNC)

Random Name Generator (to help you name your exam characters)