New Faculty Teaching Excellence Program

NFTE: Up Next

Be a Quick Starter:
Lessons on Teaching Effectiveness, Research Productivity, and Meeting Campus Expectations

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
3:30 – 4:50
354 Maguire Building


Few of us learn in graduate school how to balance the competing demands of teaching, research, and campus citizenship.  Robert Boice, a noted scholar of faculty development, identified a group of less than 10% of new faculty that successfully balanced these expectations.  In our first NFTE session, we will examine the group Boice terms “quick starters.”  These faculty developed strategies to balance their time and established productive networks on campus.  In addition, quick starters led classes with more active student participation, integrated their research into courses, and spent more than 3 hours per week on scholarly writing.  Participants in this session will receive research-based tips for improving the quality of their teaching, increasing research productivity, and maximizing their time.

Presenter: Michael Harris
CTE Director & Associate Professor of Higher Education