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President’s Associates

President’s Associates Award

The President's Associates Outstanding Faculty Award is given annually to tenured faculty for the advancement of teaching and learning. This award of $1000 is designed to honor faculty who have sustained high achievement as teachers and whose scholarship makes a meaningful contribution to student learning.

2013 Recipient


Professor Darius Miller
Department of Finance

Darius Miller gets student evaluations any of us might envy.  As his department chair noted that "the average student response to the statement “I would recommend this Instructor” over the last eight years exceeds 6.7 [out of 7.0]. The statistic reflects the responses of more than 1,500 students who have enrolled in his courses over the years."

Student comments make it clear why they find his teaching effective. One student’s comments sum it up extremely well:
Professor Miller is flat out awesome! He has energy, passion, and an extreme amount of knowledge on the subject of finance. His passion is contagious, and even for a non-mathematical person like me he makes me want to learn more about finance. He is clear, precise, and does not talk down to the class. He is obviously an expert in the subject, yet he understands its complexity in his explanations and knows that we might not all understand the first time through. It has been a real pleasure to learn from him.

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