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President’s Associates

President’s Associates Award

The President's Associates Outstanding Faculty Award is given annually to tenured faculty for the advancement of teaching and learning. This award of $1000 is designed to honor faculty who have sustained high achievement as teachers and whose scholarship makes a meaningful contribution to student learning.

2016 Recipient

Associate Professor Andrew Quicksall
Lyle School of Engineering

Andrew Quicksall joined the SMU community as a J. Lindsay Embrey Trustee Assistant Professor in the Lyle School of Engineering in 2010 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2015. His research focuses on soil and water chemistry with applications to contaminants in water supplies, often concentrating on problems in the developing world. He demonstrates an outstanding commitment to teach environmental engineering and interdisciplinary engineering design that earns him the President’s Associates Award. He describes his teaching philosophy, in part, as helping students combat the visceral shutdown they feel about chemistry by emphasizing hands-on learning. Student evaluations are consistently positive and share their appreciation of his enthusiasm and deep knowledge of the subject, and his thoughtful integration of his scholarship in the classroom. His recommender describes a synergistic relationship between teaching and research, that he ‘enjoys pushing students and being driven by students'. The nature of the classroom that he runs is a non-traditional one where open exchange dominates over formal lecture. 

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