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Golden Mustang Award

Golden Mustang Award

The Golden Mustangs, SMU alumni who graduated at least fifty years ago, have established an award for the advancement of teaching and learning.

This award of $1000 is given each year to a junior, tenure-track faculty member, whose teaching is consistently excellent; whose courses reflect thoughtful curricular development; and whose scholarship makes a meaningful contribution to the discipline and to student learning.


2013 Recipient


Assistant Professor Joseph Camp
Department of Electrical Engineering

Joseph Camp joined SMU’s Electrical Engineering department in 2009 after receiving his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rice University. His graduate work focused on building a wireless networking testbed in urban Houston that allowed thousands of underserved citizens to receive Internet access for free. Through this experience, Professor Camp recognized the value of hands-on education: teaching and learning in the field on real world problems. He is continuing this combination of research, teaching, and outreach in the Dallas area with SMU students. His philosophy of exposing students to real engineering challenges and of engaging them in the community is reflected in the courses he has developed at SMU.

In the classroom, Professor Camp gets high marks for his enthusiasm, his clarity, and his availability. In response to the question, “What characteristics of the instructor made a positive contribution to the quality of class, one said, “All of them! He made it very easy to learn something very difficult.” Another student commented, “I think he is one of the best, possibly the best, professor I have had at SMU. He’s very good at making sure everybody has the opportunity to get him to clarify a point, and he is willing to keep making up examples or keep breaking the point down until there are no more questions about it.”

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