Terms of the program

All University policies and procedures apply to students participating in the Big iDeas Business Plan Program. In addition, the following guidelines are in place to ensure that the student entrepreneurs work effectively with the University.

  1. I understand that I must maintain good academic standing with SMU.
  2. Ideas cannot be in competition with any services SMU currently provides or any other vendors that provide services to SMU students.
  3. Ideas have to originate from SMU undergraduate students and not from outside sources. The business plan idea can be presented by a single student working alone or a team with a maximum of five students. If a graduate student is part of the team, he or she cannot be the leader.
  4. Funds may come from the grant money of $5,000 or from outside sources. If students decide to use outside funds, this must be approved in writing by the Provost Office. The source and the amount of funds must be revealed to the Provost Office. The amount of ownership the outside funder will have in the business must be disclosed to the Provost Office.
  5. SMU Funds may be used for expenses that successfully advance the development of the Big iDeas Business Plan. The list of "eligible expenses" below is intended as a guideline, not a comprehensive list. SMU reserves the right to decide whether or not the expenses are acceptable for use of SMU funds.
  6. Students may work on the business plan ideas at home or in the Big iDeas office space located, 6116 N Central Expressway, SE corner of N Central Expressway & SMU Blvd., Suite 600.
  7. I understand that I am required to provide SMU staff with status reports upon request.
  8. I understand that SMU reserves the right to profile my business plan and team members in current and future Big iDeas marketing materials and campaigns.
  9. Students must comply with all applicable SMU policies and procedures, including but not limited to the SMU Student Code of Conduct, the SMU Honor Code, and the Intellectual Property Policy of SMU, as well as all federal, state, and local laws, including patent, copyright and trademark law. I understand that SMU reserves the right to terminate or suspend my funding, access to the Big iDeas office space, and other support services if my conduct is not consistent with SMU policies and procedures or if my conduct brings disrepute to SMU.
  10. All business plans must be submitted by Friday, April 5, 2013 at 5pm to bigiDeasplan@smu.edu. Any business plan received after this date and time will not be considered by the judging panel.
Eligible expenses include funding for:
  • Building of prototypes
  • Market research studies
  • Financial modeling
  • Marketing/sales of service or product
  • Specialized equipment/software/databases in direct advancement of venture
  • Scientific validation of concept
Funds may NOT be used for:
  • Tuition, textbooks or any other similar expense that students would incur even if they did not participate in the program.
  • Business meals and/or entertainment
  • Personal computers
  • General business mentors
  • Salaries for yourself or other team members
  • Income taxes
  • Travel, including mileage reimbursement to and/from any site associated with the business plan
  • Lodging expenses
Download a copy of the Terms of the program with your signature and date and attach it with your proposal.

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