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Writing Center

Writing Center Resources for ESL Writers


All Writing Center resources are available to any SMU undergraduate for help on any reading or writing project.


Most first-year ESL students take a section of Discernment and Discourse (DISC) taught by an ESL specialist.  These professors are students' most important writing resource, and students should take full advantage of their instructors' office hours and opportunities for individual conferences. When students need additional help, Writing Center resources are available.

ESL writers who have completed the DISC sequence, or those who took their writing courses at other universities, and now have writing projects for other classes can also get help understanding a writing or reading assignment, revising a draft in progress, or applying teacher's comments to assignments.

The Writing Center can offer support during Writing Lab and drop-in hours, and ESL writers may also take advantage of these additional resources:


Drop In to Work with the Writing Center ESL Writing Specialist

One Writing Center faculty member specializes in helping ESL writers.  Professor Treat is available Monday and Wednesday 2pm - 5pm.  You do not need an appointment.


Meeting with an A-LEC Conversation Buddy

Check the A-LEC tutor schedule for "English Conversation" times.  You can drop in during these hours to chat with native English speakers.  You may arrive or leave at any time during these drop-in hours.  These conversations are almost never about academic topics; instead, students chat about friends, home, pets, restaurants, whatever they care to talk about.  The goal is to become more comfortable having a conversation in English. Bring a friend and join in!