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Tutor Schedule


LIMITED TUTORING will be available during May Term.

Monday thru Thursday 3pm-6pm; Friday 2pm-5pm.

Call 214-768-3648 for information on which subjects will be covered.


Congratulations to the Altshuler Learning Enhancement tutors and night managers (past and present) who were recognized at the 2015 Honors Convocation on April 13:

Jacob Daniel Cadena                            Ben Thomas Excellence in Tutoring Award
Michael Fox                                         Stanton Sharp Award for Outstanding Service and Academic Achievement in History
John Robert Gilchrist                           Tau Beta Pi
Audrey E. Gill                                     Phi Beta Kappa
Mehdi Hami                                         Robert Mayer Undergraduate Research Fellows
Elizabeth Alleyne Hardwick                Phi Beta Kappa
John Phillip Lujano                             Mortar Board
Kendall Katherine Lunney                   Alpha Chi
Michelle Myung-ja Kim                       Mechanical Engineering Outstanding Undergraduate Award
Kelly A. Kiser                                      Phi Beta Kappa
Binbin Lu                                            Distinguished Accounting Major
Mary Caitlin Mahaffy                          Phi Beta Kappa
Margaret Marie Bernadette Mochel      Phi Beta Kappa
Oluwadamilade O. Obamehinti            Ben Thomas Excellence in Tutoring Award
Ketetha Claude Geraldine Olengue      Phi Beta Kappa
Caroline Olson                                     Mortar Board
Jenna Peck                                           University Honors Program
Erica Lynn Renstrom                           Phi Beta Kappa
Kathryn Elise Schaible                         Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance
David Gail Smith                                 SALUTE
David Smoldt                                      Robert Mayer Undergraduate Research Fellows
Haley Collins Stutts                             Robert Stewart Hyer Society
Ellen Teague                                        Art History Division Outstanding Senior Award
Micah A. Thornton                              Robert Stewart Hyer Society
Kristen Anne Yule                               Phi Beta Kappa
Kenneth W. Zon                                  Phi Beta Kappa