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Probation Counseling


It can be stressful to find out that things aren’t going as you’d hoped at SMU.  You may feel angry or sad about your academic standing, but we want you to know that being on academic probation does not end your pursuit of a degree at SMU.  We are here to help with this academic hurdle!  Here are a few things to consider:

  • All undeclared students on academic probation for the first time are required to attend a workshop at the beginning of the semester.  This workshop is offered more than once to give you an opportunity to find a time that fits your schedule.  Information about the workshop will be mailed to you, so be sure your address is current.  If you find that you have a schedule conflict once you receive the information, please contact the Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center immediately.
  • It is important that you take a Self-Assessment.  You’ll do this at the workshop.  If you’ve been excused from the workshop, there will be another opportunity for you to take the assessment.  It’s a good way for you to start thinking about what went wrong, and thus, start thinking about how to make things right!
  • Students on academic probation are required to have an  Academic Success Agreement on file.  After the workshop, you will schedule an initial appointment with an academic counselor who will review your self-assessment with you.  From there, you’ll agree on a plan that you’ll use to get back in good academic standing. 
  • We offer individual academic counseling appointments just for you.  You may decide that as part of your plan to return to good academic standing, you would like to meet with an Academic Counselor on a periodic basis.  Great!  That’s what we’re here to do.  Contact Chris Meyers at 214-768-4691 to schedule your appointment today!
  • Try studying here.  Have you found “your place” on campus?  If not, the LEC may be the place for you! 
  • Consider enrolling in READING AND LEARNING STRATEGIES (HDEV 1110) or SUCCESS STATEGIES (HDEV 1211). You might decide after your self-assessment that you’ve had some trouble with study skills or other success strategies. READING AND LEARNING STRATEGIES or SUCCESS STRATEGIES may be the perfect class to work into your plan for getting back on track.