Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center

Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center

The Fall 2014  Tutor Schedule has been updated.

Welcome to the A-LEC! Our mission is to help students become more independent, self-confident, and efficient learners who are able to respond effectively to specific academic challenges, to articulate their own educational goals, and to succeed at any level of the undergraduate curriculum.

Rather than primarily responding to perceived academic weaknesses or helping students overcome academic difficulty, we seek to build success from the beginning, offering both developmental and accelerated programs designed to maximize students' learning potential, personal adjustment, and academic performance.

We seek to create an environment that encourages students to integrate the academic side of their lives more fully with their understanding of themselves and their goals. We also support students in their efforts to become full participants in a university community in which the life of the mind is developed and valued.

This mission is supported by these specific goals.