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Perkins Alumni/ae Council

The Perkins Alumni Council includes representatives from alumni/ae of Perkins School of Theology's degree programs and Course of Study School. Members are elected from throughout the South Central Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church. The council meets each fall to assist the school in its planning of academic programs, continuing education, development, internship, recruiting, and preparations for annual conferences.

Perkins Alumni/ae Council Members:

Don Brown-TX

Michael McGregor-NE

Margaret Decker-SWTX

Janet Bell Odom-NTX

Brad DeHaven-SWTX

Juan Osorio-RG

Brandon Dollarhite-OK

Dyton Owen-KSW 

Valerie Englert-NTX

Suzanne Reedstrom-TX

Cathleen Alexander Evins-SWTX

Scott Rodgers-OK

F. Cole Fowler-NE

Jill Sander-Chali-MO 

Corky Fowler-TX

Gena Schmidt Anderson-CTX

Isabel Gomez-RG

Juliet P. Spencer-At-Large

Paul Gravley-CTX

Kevin Strempke-NTX

Jackie Gregory-AR

Kelly Sullivan-TX

Susan Greene-KSW

Mike Svitak-OIM

Robert Hall-SWTX

Dan Turner-DSW

Steve Harshaw-OK

Lisa Beth White-TX

Lucinda Holmes-KSE

Molly Wiggins-Simpson-KSE

Kay Johnson-TX

Jared Williams-LA

Rhenel Johnson-TX

Sarah Williams Shoup-LA 

Jeff Matsler-At Large

Shelli Williams-TX