Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

D.Min. FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for the Doctor of Ministry Degree Program

How do I enroll in the Doctor of Ministry program?

After being admitted to the university, students register for courses online at Instructions for completing registration are found at the D.Min. website under Enrollment. SMU has created helpful tutorials with screens of the my.SMU enrollment pages. SMU students can use these tutorials if they need assistance with enrollment. To view the tutorials click here: Tutorials

Why do I need to enroll for DM8049 and DM8000?

The DMin degree qualifies candidates for full time status. Each DMin candidate should enroll for DM8049 in both fall and spring and in January and summer terms when enrolled in credit bearing classes. This status is important for DMin students wishing to receive student loans and scholarships. Those who have finished their on-campus courses and wish to remain in the program while writing their project will select DM8000-Research Course along with DM8049-Full Time Status. DM8000 will generate a tuition and fees charge for .5 credit hours. DM8049 incurs no charges.

How can I withdraw from a course?

Please contact the Doctor of Ministry office and the Perkins registrar, Joe Monroy, by e-mail ( stating in writing your desire to withdraw.

How do I obtain my my.SMU Password?

Once a student has been admitted to the University, an email account and password will be generated for use by the student. You will need to contact the Help Desk at 214.768.HELP or to receive your password. Please mention that you are a theology student.

How do I change my address?

Updates to the student’s home, mailing, and billing addresses should be made by using my.SMU under “Your Portfolio.” The enrollment system requires students to update their information each term. For more information about changing your address click here: Change Address

How do I receive my grades?

Grade sheets are entered on-line by instructors and are generally posted by the date indicated on the Academic Calendar. Grades may be viewed the next day using my.SMU. Your “login ID required” is the 8-digit number on your student ID card. Due to this new on-line posting of grades, information is NOT given out over the phone and official grade reports are NOT mailed to the student's permanent address.

How can I change a grade?

A grade change must be initiated by the instructor who taught the course and authorized by the department chair and course dean. Once the grade change form is received in the University Registrar's Office, the student can view it the following day using my.SMU.

How do I remove service indicators from my student account in my.SMU?

Library, parking and miscellaneous service indicators, or “holds,” are paid and processed on my.SMU. Students may pay fines online and the hold will be removed. Please allow two weeks for tuition holds to be processed manually after payment is received. Other holds include personal information update requirements which can be removed by updating your information.

Why was I assigned a free webmail account?

All faculty, staff, and students are assigned an SMU email account. All official University correspondence , including important information about your classes and tuition billing, is directed to the SMU email address, so it is important to check this account regularly. For help on using webmail go to Students should enroll in the password reset tool in order to avoid being locked out of your account.

Where can I find a webmail address for a faculty, staff or student at SMU?

You can find webmail addresses of anyone who has an SMU webmail account or any departmental webmail account by clicking here: Email Search

How do I find contact information for a faculty or staff person?

Perkins contact information is available at under faculty and staff. Names are listed in alphabetical order.

How do I request an academic transcript?

Instructions for ordering an official SMU transcript may be found here: SMU Official Transcripts.

Instructions for currently enrolled students who wish to print an unofficial transcript are found here: Unofficial Transcripts

How do I request enrollment verification?

Instructions for requesting enrollment verification may be found here: Enrollment Verification

How do I obtain an academic catalog?

The Perkins academic catalog is found online.

Where can I park while attending classes at Perkins?

Please find parking information at SMU Parking and ID Card Services.

Where can I stay during the D.Min. sessions?

Currently no on-campus housing is available for the Doctor of Ministry program. Therefore, D.Min. students must handle their own housing, hotel, and travel arrangements. Several local hotels offer an SMU discount for students. For a listing of area hotels click here: Where to Stay

Where can I make copies and use my computer while on campus?

The campus libraries have copy machines and wireless access to the Internet. Copy cards may be purchased at Bridwell Library for use with copiers on the theology campus.

How do I arrange for the formation of a D.Min. committee?

It is the responsibility of the candidate to propose persons to serve on his or her committee after consultation with the director. Candidates should only propose persons with whom they have discussed the project and have ascertained a willingness to serve. The director will approve the committee after receiving a vita or resume for committee persons not employed at SMU. More details can be found in the Doctor of Ministry Guidelines Booklet found online at the D.Min. website.

Who do I contact with questions while working on my project?

Your D.Min. committee and the program director can answer questions you may have. Your committee is comprised of three persons who have distinct roles in the professional project, and, while your advisor has primary responsibility for direction of the work, committee members are expected to be available to offer advice and counsel to the candidate throughout the process. The director of the D.Min. program is available for consultation with any member of your committee to help clarify the Guidelines Booklet as well as answer questions that may arise in working with you on your project.

How do I file for graduation?

Students must file an Application for Candidacy to Graduate (ACG) form with the D.Min. office at the beginning of the term in which they are scheduled to complete all degree requirements. These applications should be filed by the deadline date on the University Calendar. For detailed instructions during the graduation term, please review the Graduation Checklist found on the D.Min. website.

How do I get reinstated or readmitted?

D.Min. students who have temporarily dropped coursework may request readmission by completing a Readmission Application. Please submit ALL required information to the D.Min. office address on the form.