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Dean's Greeting

Welcome to Perkins!

As one of the 13 theological schools of The United Methodist Church, Perkins School of Theology is called to a mission of preparing women and men for faithful leadership in Christian ministry. As one of the founding schools of Southern Methodist University, Perkins is committed to academic excellence in forming persons for ministry. At Perkins, we embrace the Wesleyan vision of reforming the continent and spreading scriptural holiness over the land. In that spirit, we are an ecumenical community, with a multi-denominational presence in every aspect of our life.

Given our place at Southern Methodist University, Perkins School of Theology is uniquely positioned to provide vocational preparation for church pastors, missionaries, educators, musicians, scholars, committed laypersons and others, through our variety of degree and community programs. At SMU we live, teach, and learn in a culturally diverse and intellectually stimulating environment—interacting with various academic disciplines, such as business, law, arts and science—that models the contexts in which church leaders minister today.

Our faculty is a reflection of our community's diversity. We have a faculty diverse in ethnicity, gender, theological perspective, and denominational affiliation. We also enjoy a blend of well-established leaders in theological scholarship and new professors who continue Perkins' tradition of creativity for the preparation of Christian leaders. Moreover, we feature strong programs, such as our unique and pioneering Intern Program, our solidly established Mexican American Program, and our newly established Perkins Youth School of Theology.

Theological education at Perkins is based in Dallas, so we live in a gateway to the global community.  Perkins faculty also teach in our Houston/Galveston extension program, with classes at St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Houston and at Moody Memorial United Methodist Church in Galveston.

Those who study and learn at Perkins benefit from a theological library that is without peer. Bridwell Library offers outstanding resources built out of a visionary collection policy and housed in a remarkable facility uniquely designed for learning and scholarship.

At the center of our theology campus is the beautifully renovated Perkins Chapel. This extraordinary space houses daily and weekly worship for the seminary and the University community. The Chapel also offers a venue for the training and preparation of preachers and worship leaders, as well as for rehearsal and performance by students of sacred music.William B. Lawrence 

Thank you for your interest in Perkins School of Theology. Please browse our site and feel free to contact us if we can be assistance to you.

Again, welcome to Perkins!

Dr. William B. Lawrence, Dean
Professor of American Church History

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