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Inside Perkins

School of Theology Visits – Inside Perkins

By attending a session of Inside Perkins, you will have the opportunity to visit classes, meet faculty and current students and experience the warmth of the Perkins community. The dates for our next Inside Perkins events are listed below.

Dean William B. Lawrence speaks
at a recent Inside Perkins event


 Dallas Houston-Galveston

Please check back soon
for dates of upcoming 
Inside Perkins events 
in Dallas.

Please check back soon
for dates of upcoming
Inside Perkins events
in Houston-Galveston. 

Dallas Program typically includes
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Community Worship Service
  • Bridwell Library Tour
  • Attend a Class
  • Panel Discussions
  • Dinner with Faculty
  • Financial Aid Resources
  • Spiritual Life and Formation
  • The Internship Program
Houston-Galveston Program typically includes:
  • Gathering and Introductions
  • Attend a Class*
  • Dinner with Administrators, Faculty and Students
  • Presentations and Q&A on Theological Education, Curriculum, Student Experience, Costs and Financial Aid

*Varies, depending on schedule

For more information, download our current Inside Perkins brochure.

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One day individual visits can also be scheduled for the upcoming semester while classes and other community activities are in session. Normally an individual visit to campus will last from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  

To schedule an individual campus visit other than the dates listed above, please contact Herbert Coleman, Director of Recruitment and Admissions at hcoleman@smu.edu or 214.768.2139.

For an optimal campus visit, please contact us at least two weeks before such a date to allow us to tailor a visit specifically for you.