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Deacon Studies Stipend

The Division of Ordained Ministry provides, from Ministerial Education Funds, a grant of $200 per semester hour for each required 2-hour or 3-hour course (or equivalent) for persons enrolled in Advanced Course of Study, Certification Studies, and Basic Graduate Theological Studies (BGTS).

This program of financial assistance is designed to assist persons seeking certification in a specialized ministry area, deacon candidates, full-time or part-time local pastors who have completed the Course of Study, associate members of an annual conference, and ordained ministers transferring into The United Methodist Church from other denominations.

Requirements for Receiving the Grants:

1.  The student must be officially enrolled as a special student or part-time degree student in a United Methodist University Senate-approved school. Students enrolled full-time, as defined by the school in which they are enrolled, are not eligible for this subsidy.

2.  CERTIFICATION STUDIES: Students must complete a one-time enrollment form with the Education Team of the Division of Ordained Ministry. The form (Form HE4064) is available from offices of admissions in all United Methodist seminaries; Conference Boards of Ordained Ministry; or the Division of Ordained Ministry, Deacons and Diaconal Ministries. 

3.  BASIC GRADUATE THEOLOGICAL STUDIES (DEACON CANDIDATES): Applicants must have applied to the Division of Ordained Ministry through their district superintendents, indicating their intention to become deacons in full connection in the UMC, and having been assigned a candidacy mentor. (Deacon candidates enrolled in certification courses should use Form HE4064).

4.  ADVANCED COURSE OF STUDY:  Full-time and part-time local pastors who have completed the Course of Study, associate members of annual conferences, and ordained ministers transferring in from other denominations are eligible for these grants. Advanced Course of Study students are required to balance foundational courses (Bible, Theology, and Church History) with functional courses (Worship, Preaching, Counseling, etc.) in the 32 semester hour curriculum required for ordination under the provisions of ¶324.6 of The Book of Discipline.

5.  The applicant must submit a United Methodist Studies scholarship application to the school registrar in order to verify enrollment in certification studies, basic graduate theological studies, or advance Course of Study.

6.  Submit applications to GBHEM following the start date for the named course.  Students who do not complete a course or withdraw from a course are ineligible to receive these funds to repeat the course.  Availability of funds may result in the lowering of the amount of the grant.

7.  Online course credit hours for Advance Course of Study (ACOS) and Deacon Studies (BGTS) may not exceed a total of ten (10) semester hours (or equivalent quarter hours). Online course credit hours for Certification Studies may not exceed a total of three (3) semester hours (or equivalent quarter hours). The Division of Ordained Ministry will review and approve or deny each grant application received based on compliance with these requirements.

8.  Funding is not available retroactively for courses taken in previous years. Application for funds must be submitted during the year in which the course(s) was taken.

For questions regarding certification, deacon studies, or advanced Course of Study, contact the Education Team Coordinator with the Division of Ordained Ministry, P.O. Box 340007, Nashville, Tennessee 37203-0007; phone: 615-340-7375; fax: 615-340-7377.

For more information or to download the application, visit the website.

http://www.gbhem.org           Email:  deacons@gbhem.org or certification@gbhem.org