Perkins School of Youth Ministry


8:30 am–9:30 am Tues-Thurs

Morning Bible Study with Barry Hughes & Bishop D. Max Whitfield.

Come join us as we prepare for the day with prayer, study, and devotion.

Session 1

1:00 pm–2:15 pm on Monday only*, 9:30–10:45 am on Tues–Thurs

How to be the Real Deal: Spiritual Formation for Youth Worker
Helene Foust

Youth need more than great lessons and fun activities, they need you to be the “real deal.” They need you to live out your faith in ways that inspire them to live out theirs. A healthy, authentic youth ministry begins with the healthy, authentic personal faith of the youth worker. Ministry can be so full of things to do, that our personal faith journey suffers, often without even knowing it! When you’re spiritually low, everything suffers… especially your ministry. During this workshop, leaders will receive tools and resources for spiritual formation, learn how to overcome burnout and tough situations in ministry, and experience a personal time of spiritual renewal through worship and prayer.  

A Walk though United Methodist History
Tamara Lewis

We will be taking a narrative journey through United Methodist History divided into three periods (1) life of John Wesley; (2) the British Methodist revivals of the eighteenth century; and (3) the birth of American Methodism to the present. The format of the class will be interactive storytelling, powerpoint images, and class participation. Most notably we will engage experientially in the class and band meeting style of engagement. Students will take away knowledge of the practical divinity of the Wesleyan tradition with the goal of applying this experience to diverse ministerial contexts. 

Developing a Family Ministry
Matt Tuggle
As many of us are realizing, the future of Youth Ministry falls under the broader umbrella of Family Ministry. Family Ministry includes two major components:  1) intentionally partnering the church and home together to raise the next generation in the Christian faith; and 2) operating under a comprehensive vision and strategy for ministry from birth-college. In this workshop we'll discuss both aspects and help you develop a Family Ministry plan for your context. If you have been tasked with Family Ministry at your church, this workshop will help you develop or hone your plan. If you have not been tasked with developing a Family Ministry, this workshop will give you the tools you need to talk with your church leadership about moving to a Family Ministry model.

Spiritual Generativity: Passing on the Faith in 21st Century Church
Amy Valdez-Barker

What does it mean to explore the ecology of faith formation in the Wesleyan tradition? What role and influence do parents, the Church, and society/culture have on the development of faith in young people? In what ways can we nurture young people to stay grounded in their faith and connected to the church? Come and explore what this means for youth ministry today.

Session 2

2:30 pm-3:45 pm on Monday only*, 10:45 am-12:00 pm on Tues-Thurs

Seasons in Youth Ministry
Jay Clark

Like seasons of the year, there are seasons in youth ministry too. Come to this workshop to talk about different seasons for different age groups. Let's discuss and learn how transitions and milestones impact our ministry with youth in different ways. 
After the Mission Trip: Developing Meaningful Reflections on Service
Janalee Shadburn Wiles

Mission trips and service projects can have a life-changing effect on your youth.  However, teens (and even adults) don’t always know how to process these experiences. How can you help your youth translate their new found passion for service into their daily lives? In this interactive session, you will explore ways to help youth process their experiences through guided conversations, goal-setting and hands-on reflection activities. You will leave equipped to motivate your youth to continue to serve others as a group and as individuals long after your trip ends. 

Love Mercy, Walk Humbly and the Missing Piece
Aimee Hong

When you ask youth to describe their relationship with Jesus how do they respond? Something about doing devotional prayers? Reading their bible? Maybe asking themselves WWJD? How many would respond by saying Jesus wants them to advocate for the poor? Or feed the hungry? Or challenge institutional systems of racism? Youth want to make a difference in the world, and yet often times the church seems like the last place where they can ask the hard questions about injustice in the world. If you think justice and mercy are integral parts of youth faith formation, then this workshop is for you.  

Session 3

4:15 pm–5:30 pm on Monday only*, 2:45–4:00pm on Tues–Thurs

Wasted or Sacred Time? Creative activities and meaningful discussions with middle school youth
Larry Randolph

Think about your middle school years. What word best describes that time in your life? “Awkward” is the word that you usually comes to mind. So what happens when you are tasked with leading and cultivating an entire group of pre-adolescents/adolescents to reach their potential? Learn how to not  waste this valuable time with them and instead, build meaningful relationships and relevant discussions through creative activities and games.

Help! Counseling Tools for Youth Ministry
Terry Parsons

In this informative, interactive, and engaging class you will learn four great and practical counseling tools you can use to help your youth personally, relationally, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually. You will be equipped to help them understand themselves and others better, to cope with their emotions and thoughts, to deal with family dynamics, and to grow spiritually. We’ll also have some fun.

Preparing for Growth: The challenge of having more kids than couches
Leanne Johnston and Amanda Hardeman

Is your youth group growing and you don't know what to do? What can be a wonderful experience can also be a struggle and challenge! If you are looking for practical ways to handle and plan for growth in your youth ministry, you've come to the right place! We will share how to empower volunteers, communicate with parents, and keep organized while your group grows!

Roundtable Discussions 

4:10 pm–5:00 pm on Tues–Thurs only.

Want to extend your discussion around a specific topic or ministry idea? Join a Roundtable Discussion. These small groups offer conference participants an opportunity to gather for networking with their peers and to exchange ideas or promising practices learned along the way.
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