PSYM Workshops

PSYM Workshops

Periods 1,2,3 and 4 Offerings

PERIOD ONE                                                                                                                                          

Senior Ministers Are from Mars, Youth Ministers Are from Pluto (Sr. Pastors – Monday Only Period 1,2,3)
Rev. John Baldwin
This seminar is for senior pastors who seek to enhance their relationship with their youth pastor to enable effective youth ministry. While there will be no magic incantations or quick-fix programs offered (indeed there aren't any); an ordained elder who has served in youth ministry for more than two decades will offer observations and wisdom to help senior church leaders better understand the world and mind of today's youth and youth workers. Although, this is a class designed for senior ministers, youth workers are welcome to join us, no tie required.

What United Methodists Believe
Walt Marcum

This four day class will explore the basics of United Methodist belief, including our unique heritage in the English Reformation and the Via Media, the unique theological synthesis of John Wesley that includes his own unique appropriation of the Via Media in what he called the Catholic Spirit, using scripture, tradition, reason and experience as doctrinal standards, and a stress on holiness and perfection in salvation that are more akin to the theology of the Eastern Church than many protestant bodies. We will also cover other aspects of United Methodist belief including recent changes that removed the term 'Wesleyan Quadrilateral' and 'pluralism' from the Discipline.

Games with a Purpose
John Cravens

Do you spend as much time preparing the games for youth group as you do preparing the Bible study or sermon? Probably not! For some, games are thought up randomly and just before they are played. Games that have purpose can be great for illustrating a point, many Biblical truths and encourage teens to demonstrate true Christian living. Join us as we explore what games with a purpose look like, how to move past the messy game nights and the last minute I Never game.

Crisis Counseling with Youth
Terry Parsons

This is an informative, engaging and crucial class for all in youth ministry. How can I most effectively minister in those crisis situations? This class will provide you with essential knowledge and equip you with practical tools for ministering to youth in their most critical times.

Transitioning High School Students to College
Zach Bechtold

Due to the ever growing number of college students and young adults walking away from the church, the importance of helping transition young adults into adulthood and adult life in the church is of grave importance. In this class we will discuss different approaches to transitioning youth into college and adult life as well as how the local church can support these various types of ministries directly. Not all young adults are built alike, not all are college students, we will address how we transition those into college or trade school and those who enter the work force immediately after high school, and those who have graduated, and those who are starting families. Other topics will include adjusting from their hometown to different size communities, time management, building relationships, and involvement in the local church. We will look at the variety of ministries available through campus and young adult ministries, transition into the local church as well young adult ministry on a global level.

PERIOD TWO                                                                                                                                         

 Answerbook, Textbook, or Workbook:
How Changing Assumptions Can Lead to Better Bible Study

Roy L. Heller
Are you interested in leading your colleagues at PSYM in Bible study while enhancing your skills for working with youth? This course will give you the opportunity and preparation to lead PSYM study gatherings during the week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at various times and locations.

Popular and engaging Perkins professor Roy Heller will work with participants, looking at familiar texts "again for the first time" in order to move beyond common assumptions toward Bible study as community building. Dr. Heller will examine how those we teach often see the Bible as a book with all the answers to our questions or a text with a set of information that we are expected to know well. Instead, Heller will suggest that we might approach and teach the Bible as a workbook that moves us to question, explore, wonder and discuss.

Persons who sign up for this class will covenant to lead colleagues in Bible study during the week. Study times and locations will be distributed at the first class.

Parent Ministry: Our Greatest Asset and Biggest Pain
Jarrod Conyers
How often have you felt the most difficult part about your job is not dealing with the kids but with their parents? Where there may always be tension, there are constructive ways you can decrease resistance, raise participation, and retain your volunteers. Join us as we assess the places where our ministries need to bone up, reach out, double down, and back off to more effectively influence our kids, their folks, and the church at large.

Getting You and Your Ministry Organized
Michelle Moore

A class for those who need a little help and direction when it comes to getting organized (and staying organized) in their ministry. Topics would include time management tips, ways to create and manage tasks lists, tips for office management and storage, short and long term ministry plans, communication, and much more.

Growing Pains: An Exploration of Influences on Identity Formation and the Meaning Adolescents are Really Seeking
Casey Langley
You have sat and listened to teenagers share heartbreaking stories of deep loneliness and anxiety and heartwarming accounts of extravagant success and joy. Out of love and a desire to fully understand, we are often left wondering, “What is going on in his head?” “What is she really thinking?” Throughout this course, we will explore not only what they are thinking, but also how they are experiencing our culture, and the influence of family and relationships. We will consider how each of these forces shapes the identity of young people and the responsibility of the church to offer them an alternative narrative – one of hope and wholeness.

PERIOD THREE                                                                                                                                      

Understanding Denominational Differences
William B. Lawrence
In a society where church “branding” seems to have more to do with worship style than denominational affiliation, one wonders if it really matters if one is a United Methodist, a Baptist or a seeker at a “nondenominational” church. This course will explore the distinctiveness of denominations and doctrine in the United States and discuss the implications for the Church and youth. 

Advanced Social Media – Engaging in Story
Michael Baughman
Familiar with social media, and want to discover ways social media can connect your ministry with youth in a deeper way? Then this class is for you – social media has the power to engaging story in ministry, and that story-telling power has profound implications for connections made through advanced social media usage. We are all story-tellers… become a story sharer and deepen connections within your youth ministry.

Relax, Reflect, Release: Contemplative Practices for Youth Ministry
Tonya Burton
The purpose of this workshop is to offer experiential contemplative Christian practices for youth and youth ministry leaders as they are attentive to their own spiritual formation. This will be an interactive learning experience where participants will study and engage in contemplative practices that can be used in ministry with young people.

Faith, Sexuality, and Gender: Making Room for Real Conversations
Rev. Jen Tyler and Mike Ratliff
This class will explore 1) reasons we need to be talking about these issues, 2) strategies for meaningful local church engagement with the topics, and 3) resources for the hard conversations.

PERIOD FOUR                                                                                                                       


Being Single in Youth Ministry
Brandon Bates

Are you unmarried, unengaged, and serve in youth ministry? Join in the conversation on how we handle the awkward pressures church members put on us, and the boundaries we should have to best serve students and keep our sanity.

Strengthening One’s Marriage While in Ministry
Steve and Rachel Heyduck
Have you ever found yourself torn between focusing on your ministry and focusing on your spouse? If you have ever had to play the “You promised to love, honor, and respect” me through your “call to ministry” card on your spouse, let’s get together and regain perspective on life, love, ministry, and marriage.

Lust, Porn & Intimacy: Exposing the Truth
Jarrod Conyers
The Internet has opened Pandora’s box to an ever broadening industry of pornography, which is becoming more socially acceptable means of self gratification and expression. Join us for this workshop as we explore how the church can better understand the scope of the addiction, our theological convictions behind why we should care, and how best to offer hope to those in need of help instead of looking the other way.

Exploring Seminary
Herbert Coleman, Director, Recruitment & Admissions, Perkins School of Theology
Tracy Anne Allred, Director, Student Services, Perkins School of Theology
Have you ever thought about studying theology at seminary? Do you wonder if you have what it takes for grad school? Are you concerned about how you might pay for it all? In this workshop representatives from Perkins School of Theoolgy will talk about life in seminary and the possibilities it opens for your vocation. If you have been wrestling with the idea for years or just beginning to think about it, this is the place to have your questions answered.


Being Young in Youth Ministry
Leanne Johnston

Being young in youth ministry can be a huge challenge and a great asset. Learn to use your age to your advantage while setting boundaries, protecting your time, and surrounding yourself with a team to support you.

Longevity in Youth Ministry
Mike Ratliff

Youth Ministry can be a lifelong calling. Mike will translate almost 40 years of ministry experience into one session of how to thrive in a lifetime of youth ministry leadership.

Writing Your Own Curriculum
Chris Wilterdink
The call to create your own curriculum can come from several experiences. Join this shortstop to discover tips for creating curriculum that can be followed, replicated, and reflects Wesleyan theology.

Digital Ministry: Expanding and Unplugging Our Technological Horizons
Jarrod Conyers

In this dual purpose workshop, we will 1) spend time exploring specific ideas that can digitally upgrade your ministry, increase your reach, and expand your web presence; at the same time, we will also 2) discover new ways we can create healthy digital boundaries to keep our lives centered in the digital world and be liberated from the persistent demands of our smartphones.

Exploring the United Methodist Social Principles
Gary B. MacDonald
What does The United Methodist Church think about politics? The environment? Economics? Sexuality? Since 1908 the Church has published a “Social Creed” and since has developed its “Social Principles.” Come and explore the history and influence of Methodist social teaching, and how Christians can utilize these tools.


Defining Success in Ministry
Chris Wilterdink
In times where youth ministry feels like a moving target, and budgets are a luxury, how you as a leader define and measure success in ministry is an absolute necessity. Join us for introductions to evaluate your current ministry and discover several tools of both defining and measuring success in your terms.

Memory Makers
Dara Bell

What are those ministry moments that our students will look back on and see as a soul-shaping, community building, inspirational points in their lives? This short shop is designed to look at ideas for activities, one-time events, and special trips. Bring some of your best “milestone memory makers” to share with the group as well!

The New Girl or Guy
Brandon Bates

Ever started somewhere new and wished you could have done things better, or maybe you will eventually be called to another mission field and would like to start off as best as possible? Drop in for some tips, techniques, and ideas on how to start well and build bridges.

Diversity in Youth Ministry
Zach Bechtold

Jesus gave us authority and responsibility in the "Great Commission", to make disciples of all nations. In this workshop we will discuss the challenges that go along with reaching into our diverse communities. Diversity ranges from gender diversity, racial, financial, LGBT, etc. We will discuss what diversity looks like not only among our youth but what this looks like for our adult leaders, and explore what it means to have "Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors" in our ministries.